Sailing in Italy



This article concerns the Italian Riviera and why sailing in Italy is such a delight! Whether you choose to take the family, or prefer a romantic escape, this article covers the topics you should know. Beautiful destination ports, the charming characteristics, festivals, history, cuisine and culture. You will really see why the region is ideal for chartering. After all how could generations of Italians be wrong?!



Nestled in the North of Italy, near Genoa, the sharp Ligurian coastline rises to hillsides and in the distance, mountains. To the South West, further along the coast, lies Monaco and the French Riviera. The distinction between the two Rivieras is that the Ligurian has not lost its heritage and character. It is less developed, but oozes Italian charisma instead. You can be assured of outstanding shopping in San Remo for example!



The area has supported a rich fishing community for centuries. This is one reason why sailing along the coast is such an adventure! Leaving the main harbors behind and exploring creeks and inlets, is exciting for the kids too! Portofino, Camogli, Lavagna to name just three ports. Give visitors a taste of romantic ages done by. Churches, colorful facades, and fantastic cuisine. All on offer along mysterious cobbled streets.


Destinations Along The Way

Your bareboat or crewed charter can start from nine ports. Whichever one you choose, your assured of a warm reception! The following are where your adventure begins:




La Spezia

Porto Santo Stephano



San Remo

Santa Margherita



Having read through those names, I expect your imagination is running! Steeped in history, boasting wonderful beaches and moorings. From the hills above the towns you can see the snowy peaks of the Alps, whilst enjoying a sundowner in the warmth!


Festivals And History

The Liguria coastline has been ruled by many cultures through the ages. The significance of Genoa as a trading port is testament to this. In order to develop trade routes Genoa became a busy commercial hub, ruled by the Normans, Romans, Barbarians and more recently Napoleon.


The medieval festival of Torta Dei Fieschi is held annually in Lavagna. Originating from the thirteenth century. It commemorates the wedding between Count Opizza Fieschi and Bianca De Bianchi. In mid August a huge cake is prepared, using traditional pastry. The cake is carried through the ancient streets.


This parade goes back to medieval times. Symbolically reuniting the six neighborhoods of Lavagna. Once the parade finishes, the cake is distributed to the crowds.



The food and dining opportunities are second to none. Simple dishes, made from local produce and wines. Served with stunning views. Drawing the sailing fraternity back, time and again. You can look forward to home made pastas, basil, mushrooms and olive oil. There are two internationally regarded breads on offer: Foccacia and Farinata. Made alongside dozens of others fresh from the oven. Fresh fish dishes, pizzas along with meat plates, are presented with local wines. The wines offer a delicate flavor and the vines are farmed along the hillside terraces. It’s a good thing your on a boating vacation! Stirs the appetite and your imagination!