Russian Submarine Accident – Worst in a Decade – Or Deceptive Switcheroo?


International politics, media reports, intelligence and Superpower maneuvering have such a conflicted set of current events and history, it is often hard to tell what is correct, fake or a created reality. For instance let’s take the recent news report of a Russian Submarine on its way to participate in war games in Venezuela recently.

News reports tell us that the submarine’s fire extinguishing system failed and sprayed out chemicals that killed 20 of the 208 about, 84 of which were troops in transport to the war games. The secondary reports stated that the survivors were transported onto a Russian destroyer, later reports said that the submarine turned around and went back to port under its own power.

Intelligence reports coming out of China seem to indicate that the submarine that came back, was not the nuclear submarine that was said to have had the real problem, if so, where is the actual submarine? Russian submarines traveling at less than 8 knots run silent and are almost impossible to find or track. So, where is the real submarine going and what is on board?

Are there nuclear weapons on board; how many? What about high-speed torpedoes? Is the real sub going to the Persian Gulf, is it going to be on standby for Iran in case of an Israeli or US strike on the underground nuclear weapons research and manufacturing facilities? Is it traveling to hang off the coast of the USA or being delivered to Hugo Chavez from Venezuela?

Remember Venezuela is said to be buying 3-nuclear submarines and a squadron of highly modified fourth generation SU-27s. Of course, with the price of oil way down, they may no longer be able to afford them, same with Iran, whose economy is tanked and on the verge of collapse. Russia, needs the money and is already putting down riots and demonstration over this latest global economic collapse. So, tell us,

Where oh where, did that submarine go?”