Rubber Manufacturing – Booming Business Option


Rubber manufacturing is a widely practiced manufacturing business as needless to say how important rubber is to each of us. This is one material like iron which is used to manufacture almost all the things of daily need. The wide range of rubber products – rubber mats, rubber stamp, rubber bracelet, industrial rubber, rubber roofing, table tennis items, rubber gasket, rubber mulch, bands, tracks etc. make it a profitable business option. Depending upon the rubber based products the type of manufacturing varies.


Different kinds of rubber material are used such as custom molded rubber, injection rubber, lathe-cut rubber etc. Natural rubber is derived from latex found in the sap of plant and synthetic rubber is made from pure monomer through polymerization. Now these two highly molecular compounds are bonded with other materials to manufacture the desired products. Polymerization and polycondensation are two methods used to turn rubber into other rubber products. Rubber is used for general application and special application. When rubber is used for making tire it is for general application and special rubber is used for heat resistant and oil resistant rubber products. Vulcanization is another curing process of rubber for special application. Three basic things of rubber manufacturingare- rubber needs to be flexible or resilient enough for thousands of cycles, it must be resistant to gas, oil and it has to endure the temperature extremes. Recycling machine, rubber moulding machine, thermoforming machine and vulcanization machine are mainly required for manufacturing.


In rubber manufacturing, there is some kind of regulation like FDA or military regulation which manufacturers need to be aware of before making certain type of rubber products. Rubber itself is not a cheap raw material and the formulation of rubber product is pretty expensive. Hence expertise of an engineer is indispensable to avoid errors and cost and time can also be managed this way. Rubber manufacturers need to plan technical and economical feasibility and legal and environmental aspects. Rubber manufacturing is a booming sector today owing to the extensive plantation sector, abundance of raw materials, availability of cheap labor, plenty of training institutes, booming automobile sector, economic reform, and improving lifestyle.