Rising nearly 10 million users mistakenly delete the message – anti-virus software, office software – office supplies industry

Following Norton, Kaspersky user system manslaughter File After the Rising be exposed largest and the lowest level since the establishment of network security incidents. Last weekend, Rising Internet security software card security assistant to technical fault, causing the user OutlookExpress Inbox messages were all deleted. It is estimated that this incident may have lost nearly 10 million users to experience e-mail question. This year, the Rising had also occurred in manslaughter case.

Yesterday afternoon, Assistant accident Rising Kaka company apologized to users and, through dedicated websites Rising Repair Tool. Rising in an apology letter, said: “Rising company will conduct in-depth review and reflection, but the most important task is to help users to retrieve lost e-mail, to minimize the damage.”

A technical staff of reporters said: “unless the victim’s e-mail a copy of the mail server, leave, or all OutlookExpress Download To the user’s local computer and then e-mail will not be restored. “

Rising, the company said the incident only affects Microsoft operating system comes with OutlookExpress, the Office Office Software The Outlook software is not affected by the integration. However, due to OutlookExpress Windows system comes with Microsoft’s free e-mail system, so victims may be involved in a wide area. Rising company currently only recognizes only the 1000 e-mail users have been deleted.

However, the largest mail service provider of enterprise network traffic 263, said Chief Operating Officer Jiang-Bo Zhao, delete the message the day of the incident broke out, only 263 companies have dealt with more than 2,000 complaints of corporate email users. It is understood, OutlookExpress user volume of between 40 million to 50 million, while the Rising of users the company announced more than 5,000 people, the amount of coincidence between the user minimum of 20% according to industry estimates are 10 million to 15 million of , which is why the victims to be substantial. In addition, because immediately after the incident to catch up with non-working day, many users are likely to go to work today will find the problem message is deleted. Therefore, the Rising card error messages deleted the ultimate impact of the event is still uncertain.

Rising public apology in the letter of guarantee will not happen again similar to the fault, but stressed that users can not guarantee that the missing data can be fully restored. The issue of compensation for victims of users, the company apologized and did not book any explanation, but users have been affected to discuss how to encourage Rising in damages.

Intellectual property lawyer on the users of Rights of the Yao Kefeng not optimistic. He said that the letter is deleted, the letter is difficult to confirm the value of compensation is difficult to identify. Meanwhile, in the spirit “who advocate who burden of proof” civil law principles, users rights protection is too costly to preserve such evidence is almost impossible. Yaoke Feng said that the only feasible way is by Microsoft as the indirect victims came forward to help victims of Internet users in rehabilitation. Microsoft’s obligation to help victims of users OutlookExpress claim rights.

Door manslaughter after the incident last year, Norton, Norton maker Symantec said that Norton individuals to prove their loss, will enjoy the additional one-year license extension, and receive a free Norton Save & Restore 2.0 software.

Analysis, anti-virus software, users of manslaughter caused losses have occurred, but because of rights protection is too costly, security firms have nothing to fear in this regard, most apologies. How to make companies more responsible for security in the future of the industry needs to think about.

Frequent security software manslaughter case 2007 5 19 Norton false virus leading to paralysis of the domestic large number of users computer system. Liu public defenders in Guangzhou year, compensated 248 yuan in the verdict.

2007 5 21 Kaspersky manslaughter Windows system files, which Kaspersky apologize.

2008 4 29 RISING Antivirus manslaughter Windows system files, cause the computer can not access the desktop. Finally, an apology and compensation measures to calm the situation.

2008 11 7 manslaughter Rising Outlook Express e-mail.