Reviving the Conservative Movement

The state of the nation four or eight years from now is going to be dramatically different than what we see now. With a steady growth in government spending and taxes it’s going to be hard to bring us back down. Once certain programs are put into effect it is almost impossible to reverse or change them. Welfare and SSI are great examples. With this in mind how can a conservative expect to fix these problems? Will we have no choice but to vote in a moderate that can win the hearts and minds of a nation spoiled rotten with government benefits? I really think, due to the side effects of government debt, that we can win the country back.

I foresee a lot of people becoming disgruntled with Obama’s policies and tactics used to pass his plans into law. A little over 50% of America voted for Obama but I don’t see nearly that many being satisfied with his work. Being a typical Democrat Obama is going to prop up the minority at the expense of the majority. Obama is also ready to reward people who don’t pay their mortgages and people who are responsible and pay theirs will not be too happy about it. The nation will soon become one that rewards failure. We have already seen that with the bank and private industry bailouts and I expect to see much more in the near future.

We Need a Voice

For the movement to regain it’s respect around the country it must have honorable individuals speaking for us. Huckabee was my main choice because of his uncanny ability to speak to almost any demographic. Huckabee stands out as a politician, he’s a happy-go-lucky individual that prides himself on vertical politics as he calls it. Many people may be miffed to hear me say he is a respectable voice for the movement and I understand why. Huckabee has had issues with illegal immigration and taxes. He has made much ground with me by supporting the Fair Tax, a plan so conservative most Republicans don’t even support it.

Aside from Huckabee there has to be more leadership from individuals like Jindal, Palin and Romney. These three people are most likely to run in 2012 and most likely to be on top. These individuals need to be out front and center long before the presidential race begins. We can’t rely on them having only a few months to pitch their plan to America. This time around the GOP nominee needs to be clear and to the point about what they will do. No more dancing on pins and needles like McCain did. Speak to the core, forget the moderates, conservatism attracks everyone if it’s following precisely enough.

We Need a Plan

McCain’s problem was that he couldn’t stand still long enough to clearly explain his plan for America. While Obama stuck to his plan the entire time McCain couldn’t make up his mind. He suspended his campaign late in the game to support the bailout? At the last debate he brought up a sudden plan to buy bad mortgages? These were some of the reasons people couldn’t allow themselves to vote for McCain. Add that on top of his inability to energize his own party and you have the epic failure that was his campaign.

We can’t be vague this time around. People want answers and they want to know them in the clearest manner possible. Obama ran an almost Reaganesque campaign, constantly speaking about middle class tax cuts. Obama was talking about cutting taxes and McCain was talking about Obama raising taxes. No one had a clear idea what McCain was going to do with taxes or anything else. There has to be a clear message sent out about what we will do on issue A-Z. We can’t attack the Democrats and ramble on about their spending habits anymore. Talk about our spending cuts, talk about our tax cuts; if the person plans to actually do that.

We Need Integrity

This is very important. I don’t want to see any compassionate conservatives running for President in 2012. I’ll see it anyway, I just hope the majority decides to stick to the constitution and conservative principles before their need to act out of compassion. No more neoconservatives, we need presidential candidates that speak to the core of the conservative movement without liberal tenancies. I understand there are no perfect conservatives, some of the people I list as important don’t fit the bill that well. Please recognize the difference between influential politicians and presidential hopefuls. There are plenty of politicians that can help the movement by being around and being a leader. The individual that runs for president does need to be as conservative as possible, and in that mold, Huckabee would not work for me.

The American people fell for Obama because he is eloquent and speaks to those that have been struggling to find a way out of the rut. Now that Obama is in power it’s clear that he lacks integrity. I don’t want someone that is going to talk pretty and forget about his promises as soon as he’s elected. I don’t want another President Bush, someone that used to be conservative until something convinced him to throw away our personal freedoms and free market. We need integrous people who aren’t the typical politician. Someone that we all can really put our trust in. I guess that’s almost too much to ask for.

We Need Unity

The last important factor that will lead to a revival is also the most important; unity. We cannot expect to make a comeback if we do not bound together. I often find myself disagreeing with other conservatives, that’s just who I am, but I will always come together for the right cause. I understand that no politician is perfect. I will unite around anyone who is at least integrous and 80% conservative enough for me. You may read one article of mine and disagree only to read another and cheer me on. We’re all different, we really can’t expect each other to agree all of the time. Reagan said that a “person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor” and I happen to abide by that premise.

We must all find a way to unite with those we sometimes disagree but typically agree with. If we can swallow our dislike for McCain and vote for the good of our country there is no reason we can’t all get behind a Sarah Palin or Bobby Jindal even if we have some key disagreements. We must have tough standards, we should never allow the RINOs to take over again, we should be able to find a middle ground with most conservatives though. I have good feelings about the movements future. So many people are debating what a real conservative is and that is a good thing. Once we all decide what we think a real conservative is lets do our best to unite for the cause. After all, we can’t win this with three separate groups of conservative movements. Only as one can we conquer liberalism.