Reverse Diabetes Now Without Drugs


Diabetes is the abnormal functioning of metabolism, which is how the body uses food for energy and growth. The three general types of diabetes are type 1, type 2 and gestational. There are millions of people searching for a cure for diabetes. Steps taken in early intervention can help to lower the effects of diabetes and often reverse it.

Nutrition is most important when trying to treat diabetes. Diabetes can many times be controlled or reversed through a proper diet, for example; a diet high in fiber like a vegetarian diet is better than a diet based on meat. Special attention needs to be put on your diet. You need to know what certain foods will help in flushing toxins and impurities out of the body. It is also very important to know what foods to avoid. Fats and carbohydrates also need to be reduced in a diet and exercise can help, too. Foods that should be avoided when trying to reverse diabetes:

1. White bread, whole wheat is preferred.
2. Fried foods like chips.
3. Carbohydrates.
4. Foods high in fat.
5. Caffeine.
6. Sweetened drinks.
7. Alcohol.
8. Bananas

The body must be properly hydrated to be able to treat and/or reverse diabetes. This is just as crucial as nutrition and diet are. Sixteen ounces of water needs to be drunk each day, every two hours. Water may also be used outside of the body through hydrotherapy treatments.

Someone who is diabetic is many times deficient in one or more important minerals and potassium is typically one of them. You should eat more foods that contain a lot of potassium like bananas or even take a potassium supplement.

One may not realize what an affect attitude and lifestyle has on a body’s health. They account for more than one realizes. There have been many studies that show a connection between depression and poor health and happiness and good health.