Revealing Details About Reversal Vasectomy

.tags Considering having a reversal vasectomy needs a lot of thinking and at least medical consultations about your condition and chances of fathering a child after the procedure. If you are thinking of having a child the natural way, then you need to consider a lot of factors before making a decision to undergo the vasectomy reversal procedure.

Factors affecting decision

Several factors may affect your decision to have a child the natural way. The most common reasons are divorce, change of partner, development in financial status, death of child, or simply wanting to father a child. The longing to have a child in your arms could be intense enough that you would want to reverse your vasectomy and restore the health of your sperm.

Medical science response to vasectomy change of mind issues

There are several options available in fertility clinics that can help you father a child. However, medical science has already responded to the best option for vasectomy issues, which is the reversal vasectomy. About 5% of men with vasectomy changed their minds on having a child through natural conception. This procedure comes with both success and risks. The procedure may help you achieve your dream of fathering a baby or just make you realize you cannot do it the natural way and need to find alternative fertility options.

Vasectomy reversal is rather expensive because you need to pay it from your own pockets. Most insurance companies do not shoulder the expenses for vasectomy reversal. This is the main reason that you need to have an informed decision when you first take your vasectomy surgery. It would be wise to really consider everything before submitting yourself to permanent contraception.

Things that you need to do to make sure that you choose the best reversal vasectomy surgeon and clinic

* Research on Physician Reviews

You really need to perform some research about your chosen surgeon, anesthesiologist, and hospital. The success of your reversal vasectomy largely depends on the skill as well as the experience of your micro surgeon. You need to browse relevant websites and maybe forums where they talk about the reversal vasectomy surgeons. Read physician’s reviews and comments. The best is to know the patients numbers and learn about their experience as well as know about their success rate in conceiving a child after the reversal vasectomy procedure. You can kindly ask the surgeon to give at least 2 or 3 patients for references.

* Cost of Procedure

The normal cost for reversal vasectomy procedure in US is about $ 10,000. This cost would likely increase depending on the nature of your vasectomy reversal technique used. Ask the doctor or the hospital itself if they offer some kind of easy payment plans or installment plans for the procedure.

* Cost of Hospital

Survey hospitals where your physician is accredited to perform the reversal vasectomy procedure and know about the cost of the procedure as well as other add-on charges. Request a list of hospitals or clinics from your chosen surgeon and start calling about their fees and other related fees.

* Anesthesiologist

Ask the doctor about the cost of the anesthesia and the professional fee of the anesthesiologist. If you can get the number of the anesthesiologist, you may call and talk about the professional fee.

The Technique Used

The reversal vasectomy involves two types of techniques namely the vasovasostomy and the vasoepididymostomy. There could be slight changes in the fees with these techniques. Ask your doctor about this to be clear with the total cost of your reversal vasectomy procedure.