Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream- The Complete Beauty Regimen That Women Should Know


The repairwear intensive eye cream was developed to treat the particular signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines on the skin around the eyes. Looking into the product, the cream functions in a way that it stimulates the skin’s natural repair functions. It is said to strengthen susceptible skin by replenishing the antioxidants to attain a more refreshed, glowing skin to boast. For those that are particular about the products for certain skin types, this cream is said to be suitable for all skin types.

The application of the repairwear intensive eye cream is suggested in the morning and night following after the manufacturers’ devised 3-step skin care system.  The 3-step skin care system will consume only about 3 minutes of your time every time you apply it. The first step is done by applying the facial soap, either bar or liquid. It is suggested for one to use Clinique facial soap and rinsed with moderately warm water then pat to dry. It is then followed with the 2nd step which is the clarifying lotion that is applied with the use of cotton balls. This exfoliates the skin’s surface the strength of this lotion varies so you have to choose the one specifically suitable for your skin type. It is suggested though to avoid the eye area and the lips. The third and final step is the application of the Dramatically Moisturizing Lotion or Gel over the face and neck. This aims to smoothen and soften the skin to retain a balanced moisture in the skin.

This somehow indirectly implies that you can achieve the full benefit of this cream as long as you adhere to the 3-step skin care system. That would mean purchasing the products that are under this system as well. This seems like a well-devised marketing strategy for the manufacturer to sell more of its products. It would also mean more expenses for the consumers at the same time.  Although, the site does not tell you what the active ingredients of the cream is. It also has no sunscreen so there are tips from the expert that inform the consumer to use the Clinique De-Aging Solutions for sunscreen protection, for a more protected and better looking skin.

The eye cream may have received great reviews if you search the internet but like any other positive reviews, there are also negative ones that complete the set. This of course will be included in the bracket wherein there are certain skin types and textures that will not respond well to the product such as the repairwear intensive eye cream.

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