Renaissance Costumes Era Fashion

It was during the period that existed between the 14th the 17th century that renaissance costumes were in vogue. At that time people of both sexes belonging to different age groups including children wore renaissance dresses. That line of clothing was unique and exclusive which withstood the vagaries of time and so we find that even today people wear them. During occasions such as renaissance parties, themed weddings and special events which are organized at regular intervals nowadays one will come across people dressed in medieval clothing that were a rage in the medieval period. The renaissance dresses that are designed for women are really eye catching. For men the pirate shirt is a great crowd puller.

Today people buy such renaissance costumes which are available in a variety of sizes, styles, fabrics and colors etc depending on preferences. People wear them around the globe during special events which adds glamor and beauty to the event. The materials that are used to make those dresses are of high quality. Usually silk, satin and other expensive raw materials are used to make these medieval clothes.

Renaissance dresses from the renaissance period enhance the look of the wearer and at the same time stand out as a sort of status symbol. This is because clothing of that period used to depict the financial status and social rank of the wearer within his or her community.

There were also accessories like head pieces, ornaments etc that were used to go along with the dress perfectly. These accessories make the dress look more endearing on the wearer. Since the dresses depicted the class of the wearer the finest, rarest and most extravagant materials were used to make dresses for the upper class. Compared to the dresses worn by the lower class these dresses looked more elegant and classy because of the materials and craftsmanship.

Today the charm and allure of those dresses is still intact. Leading fashion designers of the world are engaged in re-creating the magic of these costumes. They are incorporating modern outlines into this renaissance clothing with enhancements like gold stitching, and diamonds etc. To help adapt with the changing times designers are adding versatility to these dresses so as to make them environment and consumer friendly. Fabrics such as cotton, velvet and satin are being used nowadays.

So if you want to give a break to your usual clothing and want to try out something that is drenched in royalty of the yore then clothing from the renaissance period is waiting for you.