Redefining the Conservative Movement in America

The conservative movement in America is drastically changing. Once a movement of conservative thought and philosophy, it has now become a movement of many voices and political directions. There is still the underlying principle of fighting for less government control in our lives, smaller government, fiscal responsibility etc. However, many other things have crept into the larger picture and many people are somewhat confused in regards to where conservatism is heading in America.

The present problem that is facing the conservative movement is a lack of modern thinking. Many conservatives are plagued with the various views that are diametrically opposite to their counterparts and this is presently stabilizing and stagnating the growth of the movement. With no set purpose nor seeming realistic goals; this political movement is constantly under attack within its own ranks. Angry radio hosts take the responsibility of mobilizing some conservatives within the base. While on the other hand, the so-call “old guards” stand aside watching and passing their own judgements.

The last era of conservatism in America was during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan. Political historians will argue this point from different angles and yet they will return right back to this era. If one is to truly look at the conservative movement during this period in our history what you will find is a movement that was fully organized with a sound political philosophy. Today, this is not the case. There is not a single voice within this movement that can bring sound stability within its ranks.

Yes, there is the present debate of health care reform and we do need a proper working health care system for ALL Americans. The argument I am hearing from the conservatives is that there should not be any government involvement. However, what I would like to hear from this movement is a sound alternative that would include all Americans to have good health care. I am yet to hear from the leader of this political movement regarding many things we here in America presently face. Not only health care… Where is the conservative movement in America?