Reading Up on Politics – Thinking About Realities of Washington DC

Most Americans consider politics a necessary evil and yet, most Americans also decry evil tendencies, so where does that leave us? Every new idea, innovation or concept needs a spokesperson, although as soon as anyone speaks up, they are attacked politically in a public character assassination. Why do we engage in such behavior in the twenty-first century?

Some folks think that politics is a horrible way to run human civilizations, and it is almost unbelievable that as vicious as it is, that it still works somehow. Perhaps, you will permit me to suggest a couple of books to you at this point:

“Are You Tough Enough – an Insider’s View of Washington Power Politics” by Anne M. Burford and John Greenya – 1986.

Wow, what an interesting book, an was a freshman senator who became the head of the EPA under Ronald Reagan and her stories are remarkable all at a time when women were not normally top bureaucrats, at the time she was the highest ranking lady in all of Washington. Apparently, she was tough enough, but the bureaucracy was as polluted sea of waste, which even the head of the EPA could not turn. You have to read this book, before you seek a job in Washington DC.

“Bob Dole – The Republican for All Seasons” by Jake H. Thompson – 1994.

This is the story of Bob Dole, his ideals, his vision, his politics and his life. For anyone who is a political pendant or armchair political guru, you need to read this book, no matter what side of the fence you find yourself sitting.

Listening to the Washington DC insiders talk frankly and using case study analysis to review their trials and tribulations helps us get a better understanding of exactly what they are doing there. This is of paramount importance as generally the average voter thinks that Washington DC wastes money and cannot do anything right. Once you read these books and perhaps a few more of your choosing, you will have a better understanding of the reality within the Beltway.