Read-E Or NOT?


In this tough economic time we are seeing a variety of businesses either are closing shop or are filing bankruptcy and it’s tragic. So many people I talk to say that it’s just part of life and what is expected due to this terrible recession we are all dealing with. Right now it is hitting hard and it is definitely more than just the small businesses going belly up. Businesses of every size in every industry are being affected in some sort of way.

Recently I’ve noticed larger businesses and corporations that I thought were unstoppable in the plus size industry fall victim to the recession. One that hit me particularly close to home was the closing of Figure Magazine published by one of the “big dogs” in the plus size fashion industry, Charming Shoppes. This was the one publication I truly enjoyed reading which targeted full-figured American woman and I assumed that it would stay afloat since the closing of MODE Magazine back in 2001. In a letter which was addressed to their readers back in February, Figure Magazine and stated that they would no longer continue publishing the magazine due to “unprecedented economic times and unfortunately are unable to continue publishing.”

So now with the slim-to-none selection of publications that target plus size women like myself, we are forced to either purchase the fashion forward Vogue that appeals mostly to the straight size consumer or we can turn our direction to the web where a variety of E-zines (online magazines) and plus size fashion blogs are available that do focus on the full-figured American woman. I want the same things that the straight size consumer wants, but I want to see it on someone I can relate to and have it available in my size. Is that too much to ask? When left with a clear choice and very few options, I searched and searched the web for resources so that I could stay on top of trends, in-touch with the curvy news, and connected with the plus size community.

Here are some of my favorite E-zine’s and Plus Size Fashion Blogs for you to check out:

Plus Model Magazine Published monthly, this E-zine focuses on celebrating and inspiring plus size fashion, beauty, and the plus size modeling industry. They inspire their readers to thrive in their curves, crave contemporary fashion, and design their life on their own terms with no apologies. Plus Model Magazine brings aspiring and professional plus size models the information and resources they need to have a successful plus size modeling career. They also bring their readers the best beauty tips as well as plus size fashion designers and plus size clothing companies working with today’s curvy plus models. I LOVE THIS E-ZINE and they also have an amazing blog!

Venus Diva Magazine and Published monthly, this E-zine and community is “reader inspired” and features everything curvy girls need to live a well-rounded life. The Editors bring you stories by, for and about women with curves. They also bring their readers great information on plus size clothing and style advice, plus size modeling know-how and inspiration, plus size dating and relationship advice, beauty tips and trends, healthy lifestyle options, and a section for curvy teens and tweens. This E-zine has done a fabulous job by creating a warm, welcoming community where every curvy girl feels at home.

 Plus Size Clothing Scoop This blog is created especially for plus size women around the world. It is updated daily with news on the latest sales and discounts available in plus size stores. It also provides updates on the latest plus size fashion trends, news and issues. Great shopping blog!

The Curvy Fashionista This blog brings you the latest and greatest of trends, fashions, and styles that are made with the curvy woman in mind. This curvy fashionista knows her stuff and brings you current information on all things curvy.

I know most women like myself, love to have that magazine she can throw in her bag and take with her wherever she goes, whether it’s to the salon, on lunch break, or on a business trip. With this day and age the web has so many options with a variety of topics on the plus size community discussed daily that you can find with just one click of your mouse. The number of E-zine’s and plus size fashion blogs on the web is growing as this is less of a financial risk for businesses than starting a new publication in this recession. So check some out and see what you think. It’s up to you to decide to read-E or NOT!