Raw Food and Healthy Weight Loss


There is much evidence to now prove that there is a connection between eating raw food and healthy weight loss.

Certainly there is much evidence to now show that when food is heated to temperatures above 116 Fahrenheit the enzymes within the food that aids digestion and absorption of the food are destroyed.

Whereas eating raw foods can help to ensure that our bodies get sufficient amounts of the enzymes and so aid us in helping to regulate our weight more easily.

But there are many other reasons why there seems to be a connection between eating raw foods and healthy weight loss. Below we take a look at just what some of these are.

1. Compared to one’s normal diet eating a diet that consists of a large amount of raw foods result in you actually consuming far less saturated fats along with parts of hydrogenated oils.

Plus you will find with this type of diet you are eating far less sodium and more potassium, magnesium and folate all of which help the body to function properly.

2. When you eat raw foods you’re increasing your intake of fiber which not only helps to improve your digestive system, but helps to control your appetite better.

If you eat more fiber you feel much fuller for longer after eating so the chances of you snacking between meals is reduced.

3. There are certain chemicals and enzymes within the foods that you eat and which are being more readily absorbed by the body. These in turn not only improve the way your digestive functions but other systems within your body as well.

The chemicals that you find in such foods help to boost your metabolism which in turn means that it in turn burns off more fat and calories in order to create energy that the body needs.

4. Along with increasing your energy levels and improving the condition of your skin and digestive system, this diet can help reduce the risk of you suffering other illnesses and diseases.

Such diseases which you may find you are less likely to suffer from are diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

5. As mentioned because your energy levels are improving in order to maintain these your body will burn off any excess fat or calories it doesn’t need.

So of course rather than these being stored in the body and weight gained you will find that weight is being lost.

Above we have shown you some of the reasons why there seems to be a clear connection between eating raw food and healthy weight loss.

However, it is important that if you intend to use such a diet in your life in future you need to make sure that you are eating the correct sorts of foods and your are diet is made up of around 75% of raw foods in it.