Quit Smoking Now


The benefits of stopping yourself from smoking is not only great but life changing. You need to quit smoking if you intend to live your life to the fullest. There are many who think that smoking is just a personal activity but research and data shows that it involves more than just the smoker himself but the surroundings he is constantly involved with. Because of this, we need to consider two things: the direct and the indirect benefits of quitting the smoke. First time users, will not immediately notice how smoking affects their health because of the addictive nature of this activity. Each puff of smoke contains the deadly chemical Nicotine which is also known to be an ingredient in pesticide making. There are more than a hundred substances in each puff of smoke that makes smoking a real poison made available to the public. Chronic respiratory problems will soon kick in for smokers. The reason is that the lungs were not designed to function alongside with smoke. The deleterious substances in smoke will soon accumulate in the lungs making breathing a very arduous task. The blood pressure will also rise as well as the heartbeat of a smoker which makes the illusion that one can work better with smoking; but in reality he or she is overtasking the body to its limit because of smoking.

The health hazards of smoking do not lie with the statistics. Over five million people die each year because of failure to quit smoking. It is so hard to stop smoking due to the very addictive character it has. Many who have tried the first time will experience depression and agitation making it very unrealistic for them to quit. On the flip side, when one starts to quit he will immediately reap the benefits of it. First, he will be able to breathe easier now that the substances that block the respiratory organs will eventually clear out. Secondly, his blood pressure and heart rate will normalize as well. Thirdly, the risks associated with smoking will go to a low percentage once you stop smoking. It cannot be emphasized further that when one smokes he is not the only one who is affected by it. Even the people around you become second hand smokers. Knowing this information, you also put to risk the life of your love ones , your family and kids when you do smoke. The little and still developing bodies of youngsters cannot take the brunt of smoking. Therefore, quitting smoking now will not only help you but also the people that surround you.

You may not notice is but there are also financial benefits you get from smoking. Aside from the fact that you eliminate the expense of buying tobacco products, you also save yourself from the huge expense of hospitalization once you contract any of the myriad health risks that smoking is known for. Asthma, bronchitis and emphysema are just some of the diseases you can contract with smoking. Not mentioning the deadly ones like cancer, smoking really does not pose any health benefit. If you are concern about your well being you should consider seriously to quit smoking as early as now. Your health will be saved as well as those you hold dear. The pleasure derived from smoking is never a good barter for the pain and risks you expose yourself into. Nobody needs to be added in the statistics of casualties due to smoking. Your only real solution is to get out of the habit as soon as you can.