Queen Elizabeth II visited New York on July 6th

The Britan’s Queen Elizabeth II has just paid a visit to New York City on 6th July 2010. The purpose of her trip is to address the United Nations for the first time during the past 5 decades. The 84-year-old Queen formally took to the stage and briefly spoke in front of the 192- member crowd about the World’s Peace. In her short speech, she called for all the countries to “work together as hard as ever” to prevent from global issues like terrorism and climate change. Her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh is her companion in the day- long trip. Visiting New York this time, Queen Elizabeth II intended to open a British Garden of Remembrance in honor of Britain victims lost in the terrorism attack on 11th September 2001. Below are the memorial images of the Britan’s Queen Elizabeth II in the trip to New York City in July 2010.


Queen Elizabeth II waits for speaking at United Nations Headquarters in New York City on Tuesday 6th July 2010


The Queen’s last trip to the Big Apple was in 1976 and her last trip to United Nations Headquarters was in 1957 when she was just 31 years old


The Queen, accompanied by her husband- Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh talked with the mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg when she visited the British Garden at Hanover Square


Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State of the United Kingdom and 15 other United Nations member states praised the great achievements of United Nations during the last time


After delivering her meaningful speech at United Nations Headquarters, Queen Elizabeth II came to Ground Zero to memorize nearly 3,000 Britain victims in the terrorism attack on 11th September 2001


The Queen and her husband Prince Phillip laid wreaths to pay tribute to victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks


The trip to New York City of the Queen and her husband after the end of a 9- day trip to Canada was raised for world unity and peace



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