Qualities of a Modern Sales Professional

Does one really need all those sales training to be that good? The answer is yes. Good salespersons are not born. But why settle to be a good salesperson if you can be a professional.

You know the importance of knowing your product, knowing your company, knowing your clients’ needs and so on, but before you sell anything, you must know who you are and what you stand for as a Modern Sales Professional. Everyone wants to be assured that they are buying from people who care not only about the sale they make, but also about the people they are selling to. Modern Sales Professionals know this; they learn, acquire, develop and nurture core qualities in order to succeed in a sales career. Review and assess how you are going in your quest for becoming a Modern Selling professional by considering the core qualities below.

PERSONALITY is the first thing that a salesperson must develop. The salesperson must bear in mind that before the client takes a look at the product he will look at the sales person. Proper grooming and attire are a must but also the one’s posture, attitude, personality style and tone and inflection of voice. The salesperson must show integrity in the first contact with the client and must be able to uphold that sense of integrity in any dealing.

DEPTH AND BREADTH OF KNOWLEDGE about the product you are selling, the company you represent and your understanding of the Modern Sales Process. Take time to learn more about how your products compete with others and where your company stands. Selling is a changing profession. People demand excellence from their sales professionals. Devote a regular part of your week to learning Modern Selling skills and sharpening your existing ones. Knowledge is power.

POSITIVE ATTITUDE can be your strongest asset if you learn how to reach within for the strength to overcome the obstacles and pain to succeed. Stay in a positive environment; avoid jealousy, gossip, anger or negative thinking. Modern Sales Professionals balance ego, drive and the need for success with warm and sincere empathy for the people they serve.

They focus to keep their lives in balance, and know they must strive for success in their physical fitness, spiritual fulfilment, emotional stability and financial independence.

PROFESSIONALISM is the ability to perceive a client’s need and act towards its solution whether you like it or not. Being professional means taking responsibility for your actions whether admitting mistakes or reaping rewards for your accomplishments. The best selling skills will be wasted if you are not sensitive to your clients needs. Professionalism is not what you do, but how you do the tasks given to you. Pride is your motivation for performing better, knowing that you are a part of something important, knowing that what you are doing is important gives importance to who you are and what you do.

EXPERTISE is the soul of the professional sales person. Without it there is no sale. It is a constant state of mind and conduct. It is not what the salesperson does but how he does it, with integrity and pride in his work. Expertise is the core which allows the other mentioned qualities to grow and vice versa. Expertise allows him to stand tall in the midst of corporate giants, knowing that he is acting towards his potential, is in the control of his destiny and it is important and worthwhile.