Quaint Little Town Of Jerez De La Frontera

{flickr|100|campaign} JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA was also known previously as Xerez, which was a Moorish name. This elegant town is home to Spains famous brandy known as sherry. It is a prosperous town surrounded by plenty of wine bodegas and other sights.

It is a peaceful and slow-paced life enjoyed by the locals except for the two annual festivals; namely the May Horse Fair, and the vintage celebration near the September month end.

Jerez Fame
Jerez is famous for its distinguished ancient flamenco tradition, and sherry tours on brandy processing with unlimited free samples. There are many sherry manufacturers around this region, although many producer firms are British Catholic refugees start-ups from when they were exiled here. This clan formed a distinct class of their own with tweed-wearing styles and an aristocracy through polo play, which is most conspicuous at the annual Horse Fair.

Attractions of The Town

The main attraction in town is the impressing and looming cathedral of Gothic-Renaissance era, the Catedral de San Salvador, which is open daily. Other attractions include the impressive Moorish Alcazar that was built in the 11th century and the archeological museum which exhibits many unique and historical artifacts such as a 7th century Greek military helmet, a sarcophagus that is supposedly of Visi Gothic origin, as well as the antique bottle vase of Caliphal.

Jerez holds a high enthusiasm for horses that is very evident from the towns famous equestrian school, the Royal Andalucian School. There are performances with music as well as rehearsals and stable visits to enlighten the visitor.

As with any Spanish town, there are plenty of tapas bars and eateries where prices are decent. There are many traditional Mediterranean cuisines from various restaurants in town.


There are many hotels to choose from, according to your budget or comfort expectation; from luxurious to modest establishments. Some are equipped with outdoor swimming pools and sun loungers for the visitor to laze around in the Spanish sunshine. Others have spa facilities that are distinct with swan neck shaped springs and ice cabins that come with an indoor pool.

Yet again, there are top-quality hotels which provide modern amenities as well as business transaction facilities which are located in the commercial district.

There is a hotel which has been splendidly converted from a noble house in the 19th century, located in the charming San Miguel area. In this previous palace hotel, there are beautiful rooms and elegant dining rooms that are worth a look.