Pulse Oximeter Background

.tags Pulse oximetry is a term and market that is new to the American public. It is not a new term for the medical industry though. The medical industry has known the importance of pulse oximeters for many years now. So what is a pulse oximeter? The answer is very simple. A pulse oximeter is a device that is used to measure the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate of an individual. Recent technology has allowed for the size of pulse oximeters to become smaller allowing them to be pocket size and portable.

Pulse oximeters are found online from various sources, but not all oximeters are created equal. A closer examination of the various companies selling pulse oximeters will reveal differences in expertise and specialization. So what makes various oximeters different from one another? Well the first step in understanding the differences, which correlate to various price differences, is to understand what the basic functions of a pulse oximeter are. The most important features of a pulse oximeter are measurements of pulse rate (heart rate), and SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation).

Most entry level pulse oximeters are in the price range of about $ 50 or so. These oximeters do not have the color screens and tend to be quite basic in features. The upper echelon pulse oximeters will have color OLED displays. This might not seem like a great option, but keep in mind the color OLED makes for much easier readings. This has proven to be very beneficial to older customers. On top of the color OLED screens, these premium pulse oximeters will have Plethysmograph and perfusion index capabilities.

When you are in the market for a pulse oximeter, do not always fall for price or slogans. Do your research and figure out what is a trusted brand. A trusted brand tends to equate to high quality. A company which specializes only in pulse oximeters will provide the best quality pulse oximeters at the best possible market prices.