Proof the Moon is Fake Moon Projection Prism Technology Moon Simulator like the Sun Simulator

Proof the Moon is Fake Moon Projection Prism Technology Moon Simulator like the Sun Simulator

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In this video we are talking about the Moon Simulator which I didn’t even know existed until I filmed this video. The Moon Simulator uses the same prism technology as the Sun Simulator. A clear gassy ball which converts the low density infrared laser light into UV light which it then diffuses and sends out the back of the unit after shaping it like the shape of the Moon. It’s a very simple technology but very effective. This is happening due to the Nibiru system pushing the Moon off orbit. If you track the Moon you will find every night that it’s course is off. Instead of rising in the South East it now just rises in the East and sets in the West instead of the South West like normal. It’s Equitorial path is very much off as well. I noticed it and have been documenting the last few nights but was going to continue watching it before I turned in the evidence to the Meteorological Society. I’m not even sure that is who you’re supposed to contact about something like that but I’m sure not going to NASA.

Things are so weird lately in our skies. It doesn’t pay to be an astronomer right now. Even a Backyard Astronomer. People are looking to us for Answers and I don’t have them. I just keep documenting but nothing is becoming of the evidence. I report the evidence as it comes to me, I don’t make the rules and I sure don’t alter or make up the findings. You all see it as I see it. I don’t even airbrush it just in case you all want to investigate my findings forensically. I keep getting answers to questions I’m not asking. I promise I’m not looking for these sorts of answers but it’s just right in front of my face when I look up. I notice these sorts of things because I’m a sky watcher. I can’t help but notice. I document it, record it and post it online. I honestly wish someone else was taking the heat for it instead of me. I think I liked it better when I was ignorant and blissful. Thank you for watching, don’t forget to like share and subscribe.

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