Product Liability – Manufacturing Defects


When a person buys a product from a store or other retail source, he or she often has a reasonable expectation that the product will perform as advertised and will not cause them unforeseen harm. Consumer products are usually subjected to a battery of tests to make sure they are safe for use, but there may be issues that arise once the product goes to production and is produced for mass consumption.

Generally recognized product defects often fall under two categories: design defects and manufacturing defects. While design defects may cause injury due to faulty concepts and execution, manufacturing defects can often arise due to a wide variety of issues. If a person suffers injury due to a defective product, he or she may be eligible for compensation for pain, suffering, medical bills, and lost wages as a result of the injury.

Manufacturing defects may result in a very dangerous product being released for sale in shops, stores, and online retail outlets. Such problems may include items that are:

Made from cheap materials
Incorrectly machined or processed
Crafted with unnecessarily sharp edges
Feature protruding nails, screws, or springs that may cause harm
Built with exposed batteries and electrical wires
Covered with hazardous paint and other chemicals that can cause harm
Made to specifications not required by the manufacturer

Products that are aimed at children are of special concern because defects may go unnoticed and can cause serious harm. If a product has sharp edges, protruding screws or springs, or poses an electrical hazard, children may suffer serious injuries as a result of the poor production. In addition, if the item is made smaller than the design originally specified, it may pose a choking hazard for small children.

In the event of injury, the product should be preserved in it’s original state (if possible). The injured individual should carefully document his or her injuries and should take pictures when necessary. In addition, a full account of the use of the product and how the injury occurred should be put to paper. By consulting a product liability attorney, injured persons may be able to seek compensation for their injuries and possibly prevent harm to other individuals who also purchased the product.

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