Problem of Cough and Cold and Herbal Home Remedies for Cough and Cold


According to Ayurvedic thought, the cause for cough and cold comprise irritation of the kapha by overwhelming cold or fried items.

Kapha is one of the three humor of the body in ayurveda and is similar to the concept of phlegm in Western consideration on the humors.

The other two humors in ayurvedic medicine are called vata and pitta. It is when there is an inequity in these humors that various disease and conditions develop.

Cough is also usually a Kapha (water) disarray. It is caused by buildup of mucus, or by irritation to the mucus membranes of the respiratory tract.

Cold & Cough Causes

The aggravation of kapha due to the intake of cold food food and drink and fried stuff etc causes cough.

Seasonal changes is also one of the reason for cough Improper digestion of food transforms into a mucus toxin (Ama) and this circulates from end to end the body and reaches the respiratory system, where it causes colds and coughs.

Cold & Cough Symptoms

Medications used to treat coughs and colds are antihistamines, decongestants, cough suppressants, and expectorants.

Some of these are to be had without a prescription. Anti-infective medications also may be prearranged when indicated.

Cold & Cough Treatment

Herbal remedies are acknowledged to be successful in treating cold and cough in children. However, it is central to first test if the child is flat to any allergic reactions to these remedies.

Also before exposing the infant to any such remedies it is best to keep your doctor well educated about the situation.

Holy basil has anti-viral property and works healthy in treating cough and cold in infants.

A few holy basil leaves may be compressed to extract the juice. The juice can then be given to the child one drop at a time.

Home Remedies for Cold & Cough

Ginger – Cut ginger into 2 half piece and boils with a cup of water. Give 8-10 boils. Strain, sweeten with 1/ 2 teaspoon sugar and drink hot.

Massage with Ghee – Massage the child’s chest with warm jade oil or warm ghee (add a pinch of salt for second potency) for 1 to 2 minutes follow by a steam inhalation.

Chawayanprash – Regular dose of half a teaspoon of Chawayanprash can also prevent cold and cough from occuring.

Lemon – Squeeze a lemon in a glass of warm water, sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey and drink it twice daily for at least 3 days. This may help in treating cold and coughs.

Snow Pears – Slice 2 snow pears into miniature pieces. Add 3 bowls of water and boil until the water has concentrated to 2 bowls.

Strain and discard the pears, and add 30 grams of rice to the liquid. Boil again until rice is not poisonous. Drink the soup.

Tangerines – To relieve coughs with a yellowish mucous discharge, steam 2 unpeeled tangerines with 30 grams rock sugar. Eat the tangerines at bedtime.

Onion Juice and Honey – 3-4 tsp onion juice with 3-4 tsp honey taken daily prevents cold.

Cardamoms – In cases of sore throat, a clove or two cardamoms or a few raisins can be chewed.gargle with warm salty water two to three times a day is also beneficial.