Prevent Bleeding Hemorrhoids


Bleeding hemorrhoids is one of the most common ailments in the developed world. A majority of people have to face this embarrassing and painful condition at least once in their lifetime. The other name for hemorrhoids is piles. Hemorrhoid refers to the condition where veins in the anus region get inflated due to extreme pressure. Though a bleeding hemorrhoid is extremely painful yet people fail to report it to medical professionals or their family because they feel embarrassed about this. Though a hemorrhoid is not a fatal condition, if not reported and treated properly it may aggravate into something serious.

There are several kinds of hemorrhoids. While some of them occur inside the anus, others may form outside. Among all of them a bleeding hemorrhoid is the most serious one. A bleeding hemorrhoid can occur either internally or externally. Bleeding hemorrhoids mostly occur inside the anal region. If you notice blood coming in your stool it could be a sign of a bleeding hemorrhoid. However, all instances of blood are not caused by bleeding hemorrhoids but instead could be something else. Nevertheless, whenever you notice any such instances its best to consult your physician who shall conduct some tests to validate the existence of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids should be diagnosed and treated properly because if left unattended it may lead to anemia by excess blood loss. A lot can be told just by looking at the blood color. A bright red color is usually a symptom of a bleeding hemorrhoid. However if the blood is of dark shade it could be an indication of something else other than hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids can be prevented by avoiding extra pressure on the anal region. One should follow an active lifestyle which helps in regulating bowel movement. We should also have a diet rich in fiber and drink lots of water as it softens the stool and allows it to move freely.

There are different types of treatments which can used to cure hemorrhoid. There are several medications which could be purchased from a drug store. Ointments such as hydrocortisone go a long way in curing hemorrhoid. They may even be helpful in averting surgery. However in most cases, a surgery is needed to cure bleeding hemorrhoid. There are different types of surgeries done to cure hemorrhoid. Doctors may either use a rubber band to cut off blood circulation or cut off hemorrhoid surgically. One can also opt for less painful laser surgeries which is also safe in the sense that there are less chances of infection.

If you have a hemorrhoid, don’t suffer it silently. Get it checked so that it could be treated early and effectively. An early treatment can save you from all the costly surgeries and trouble which you may have to face if you continue to delay.