Politics – Was Hillary Clinton the Big Loser in Palin’s Selection

Wow, what a big 24 hour political day!

45 years after Martin Luther King delivered his historic “I Have A Dream Speach”, a African american, Barak Obama, accepted the Democratic party’s nomination for President of the United States. Senator Obama’s acceptance speech was delivered in of a live audience estimated at 85,000 at Denver’s Mile High Stadium and a television audience of millions.

Barak’s nomination was accompanied by a fractured convention that many felt was further divided by comments coming from Senator Hillary Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton before the delegates were ever seated.Although the Clinton’s both gave workman like speeches in support of Obama’s candidacy, there remained a lingering question wheter Hillary’s disaffected female supporters would come around to support Obama’s run for the presidency.

Less than 24 hours after his acceptance speech, the democratic machine, his opponent Sen. John McCain made history of his own. McCain made his choice for Vice-President. A woman, a governor, a conservative, and I believe a game changer in this election.

So that you know, I have made up my mind to support Barak. That said, I thought Hillary and Bill harbored a secret agenda and would be pleased if Barak would loose the election.

An Obama loss would allow Hillary to come back in 4 years, assuming McCain would be a 1 term president and a Republican party would be left with no better choices than they had this year.

But, everything changed when Palin was tapped for vice. Now if McCain wins, his prime successor in four years, would be 48 compared to Sen. Clinton in her 60’s, a rising star compared to Clinton’s old school damaged goods, and Palin could win women to her cause better than Hillary as a wife, mother of 5 (one who is physically challenged and another who is a deployed soldier), pro-lifer, gun toter, and former beauty queen.

Conversely, if Obama wins and becomes a two term president, Hillary would not run again until she was in her 70’s and no american woman has seen if electability would continue at that age. We know it works for men, but Hillary is not a man.

So in leaving her supporters bitter at Obama and giving them the need to feel disenfranchised, Ms. Clinton emerges as the big big loser in today’s political landscape.

Wonder what the Clinton machine will do now. The Supreme Court may look more appealing every day.