Politics, Religions and Cults

It is of pure hypocrisy on society’s side, who is directed by politics and politicians who always create holocausts and mass massacres, under advocacy of the senseless mob, to harass cults and classify them as the most horrible thing that can happen to humanity. Beyond hypocrisy, it is indeed an intellectual hooliganism that clings to the weak and is deeply concealed within its hiding place from the forcible – the politics, of which all is afraid but keep silent at best, or enthusiastic about it in the worse case. Cults are indeed a despised and terrible trend that takes advantage of human weaknesses and unbalanced people, I agree with that, but the normal human being who criticizes and slanders – justifiably – the cults’ phenomenon, has to observe their own face well, that same foolish and flighty, cowardly and scummy face, who participates in the democracy celebration and crowns butchers who are directly responsible for wars, ruination and destruction of any sort and type.

It isn’t the politicians’ lack of responsibility alone; this is the voters’ exclusive irresponsibility, all of them, everywhere! They are members of the global cult, the worst of them all – the cult of politics! Those, the most hypocrite of mankind, complain about trivialities such as spiritual cults, which are mostly harmless, or very slightly harmful. However towards politics, there is a dumb, apathetic consensus that allows politicians an absolute reign that produces physical and spiritual holocaust.

Long live the normal and hypocrite puniness! Which is the substructure of evil that causes humanity and man detriment and ruination of incomprehensible proportions, and they, masses of pseudo intellectual human failures, pretentious to disgust, drown and drown everything in rabble-like assertiveness, direct the propagandist firing machines at full fire power against a disease (the cults) that is practically a flu instead of directing them against the real cancer – the politics. Therefore, next time you’re exposed to anti-cults propaganda and feel a strong need to support it in order to feel over-norm and ultra consensus, I ask of you to return and read well the aforesaid: it’s preferable your support will be given to the extermination of an immensely destructive plague which is politics, that sentence man to devastation. Instead of focusing energies and power against petty and marginal symptoms, that indeed require an appropriate tending to, it is necessary to focus the maximum power and action against the abusive political lapse and affliction that tortures and destroys the body, and situates the soul of life in hell.

Look at religions: mass cults with ridiculous beliefs which throughout history lead man to cruel journeys of murder and massacre, detestable regime over the souls, and exploitation of any sort and type; they, which have become a consensus enthusiastically supported by the foolish masses who need a rule and order in the life of chaos; they are the ones that establish organizations that condemn and slander what they call cults, as absurd as it is. They, who sabotaged and sabotage humanity without a flinch and without mercy, that turned the paradise of life into a hell of dying and death, out of abysmal wickedness; and a cynical exploitation of simpletons and innocents, out of futile beliefs and the poison of intoxication of power; they, who turned history into a tragic and sardonic theatre, persecute, slander and intimidate people away from neutral ideas compared to the evilness of their blood dripping religion and belief. Go out and see who stand behind those delegitimizing campaigns against sorts of harmless groups and organizations, or harmful in a small manner; judge their way by their deeds, “for in their fruit you’ll know them”, by their history, and only afterward find the time to deal with all sorts of marginal and minor, ephemeral organizations. Cults are a passing seasonal disease, but religions are a persistent cancer that threatens to annihilate humanity in its whole. And you find the time and energy to focus and deal with trifles instead of rooting out the true evil from within you?!

The violent and harmful cults can be counted with the fingers of both hands, but what about politics and religions leaders who committed murders of an incomprehensible scale? Could we estimate the multitude of the exploitation and its severity, the brainwash and despoliation of souls by these leaders, which are regarded legitimate? Yes, cults are poison and an expression of assorted mental illnesses, and there is a need to confront the phenomenon, but shouldn’t we initially confront the real monsters, the religions and politics? As long as we approve of holocausts, massacres, repressions, a great exploitation by politicians and religions leaders, what would we complain about? About a small number of murderous and violent cults? We exist in a world where psychotic leaders and psychotic religion ministers embody their insanity and malice in broad day light, as a consensus, but wear a grinning expression and are skilled in manners, and no one makes a sound. The fear from them is too great and paralyzing, therefore the clinging to cults satisfies the pangs of conscience that provoke the need in them to deal with evil, however evil thrives unhindered in the entire human society and the people are as though helpless, hypnotized brain infected zombies in a psychological jail that was founded and built by the entire human society throughout history. Man sanctifies psychotics and evilness, murderousness and bloodlust, narcissism and groveling idol-worship in a massive and extensive manner on a permanent basis, but pay your attention to this, all of this in a normal fashion! That is acceptable by public opinion. Crusades? Accepted by public opinion. Jihad? Accepted by public opinion, holocaust and genocide? Accepted by public opinion. Cults? Not accepted by public opinion. Am I defending cults by my sayings? Of course not, I present the potency of human stupidity, the characteristics of the average person, the normal, the partaker in infinitely monstrous phenomena, more monstrous than any violent murderous cult ever known to man.

Firstly, “cult” is a term the normal average person uses in order to scare the multitude. When a person says “cult” they mean to say “watch it!” “Danger!” and the people instantly share the fear of the strange threatening predicate. It’s society’s way to delegitimize foreign voices, inconvenient voices, which aren’t compatible with the prevalent comprehension. The human propaganda demonizes a person who isn’t walking according to its path. Thus works the mentality of most people: people are ruled by emotion, fear mostly, and it is too simple and easy to set them in motion through use of fears, and nourish those frequently. This is a visible and common knowledge, nothing new here; the entire history was formed on these foundations of fears and hatred.

After these words I’m required to say how amusing it is how some people mistake and think I lead a cult. It’s been said before: “no prophet in his own town”, but in the modern age there is no prophet in his own generation. The age of Internet transformed the world to a small town and the spirit of this time is deaf and dying in countless errors. A foreign voice is instantly being enunciated and classified as a threat. Just to clarify and put things in order, I say beforehand: I have no intention to lead anyone anywhere. On the contrary, I encourage people to take personal responsibility on their own life. Why my whole teaching is summed up in one sentence: “less and less human voices, more and more alone, independence, more and more life, Divinity”. Cults disgust me and completely contradict my world-view and my guidance. I have no congregation and will never have one. Communality totally contradicts the essence of my words, my world view and my guidance.

I express a matter in a way that makes it difficult to accept or listen to, I’m aware of the manner of which my words are heard by the normal average person, and how they’re being perceived in their imagination. In spite of that, my fate is to share the wisdom of truth and spirit, and there are also a few solid visions blowing on my heart that I wish to pass on to you. You’ll have to read all my articles in order to properly understand my approach and to feel my spirit, and even that might not lead to the thorough understanding of my words, as my spiritual experience and my knowledge are mine, not yours. Every interpretation will necessarily sin to the truth. You’re eligible to love me or to hate me, to accept my words or reject them, however if you will still wish to define me as a cult leader it would be an absolute fallacy, defamation and a faulty act that its purpose is to delegitimize through demonization that arouse negative connotations in the gusty human brain. If you still want to entertain yourself with these terms and colorful theories of this kind, you’re free to do as your mind pleases. At the end of a day, it is not of my concern what the prevailing opinion is, the opinion of littleness and narrow mindedness, the prevailing opinion will shatter into pieces the day the wheels of truth would meet with it. And I guarantee that this day draws nearer and nearer.