Political Stunts are a Minefield For Comedy

Politics are a mine field of comedy which will never run out. Those who want to go mining will always be assured. It is there when a country is peaceful and when a country is undergoing a crisis.

Just as Kenya emerged from political crisis after December 2007 general election, President Mwai Kibaki and Raila together arrived to grace International golf competition at Karen Country Club in Nairobi. This act was a sort of comedy. Just a few days ago such a scene could not be imagined. The Prime Minister designate arrive in a fleet of convoy with two guards in one car looking funny after they looked to have overdid their security stunts. Two soldiers, one on each side both quickly popped outside and stood at the door holding the top of the car doors as their support before they jump outside. One of them looked too huge to have a tiny door as his support.

Then several Days after, the Prime Minister designate, Raila Odinga and constitutional minister Martha Karua were together in what was termed as a luncheon. The two have for a long time been bitter rivals that when they meet in what was claimed to be a luncheon and appear in a television, they looked so unnatural. Each sat several feet from each other and look like theywere part og an audience. Each had a surprised and scared face. However, in the months they managed to sit close together and even managed a couple of smiles at each other.

And one of the most comical MPs in the Kenyan Ninth Parliament but who lost in the election has since attended state opening of parliament and appear in several political gatherings. Mr. Kalembe Ndile is a perfect comic in what would otherwise have become a boring Ukambani politics, (Ukambani meaning an area inhabited by the AKamba people of Kenya). When he was made an Assistant Minister for Tourism and Wildlife in the Previous Parliament, he promised to distribute elephants to all the districts in Kenya because it was becoming a menace in a few districts, destroying crops. He said that Kenya should share problems caused by elephants. No one would know when he is serious in what he says and does and when he is not.