Police Confrontation Outside Bail Bond Building || ViralHog

Police Confrontation Outside Bail Bond Building || ViralHog

Occurred on April 22, 2018 / Muncie, Indiana, USA

Info from Licensor: “My two children and I were stopped at a red light, with our windows down when we saw three men and a woman talking to a police officer. We heard them raise their voices, but not sure what was being said. The next thing we saw was the police officer punch one of the men and slam him through the Bail Bond Building. Cops arrived very quickly and we were straight across the street from the jail. We were blocked in, so we sat there for 5-10 minutes, watching all of this unfold. The other two guys were then placed under arrest for their reaction to what was going on I guess. The local newspaper stated the police officer was slapped in the face and got his glasses knocked off. We did not see that. I talked to the woman in the video. Her son had just got out of jail approx. 15 minutes before this occurred. After seeing my video o social media, she contacted me and let me know she had bonded her son out of jail again. He had to have approx. 30 stitched in his back, a sprained ankle and he as complaining of head pain.”

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