Point And Shoot And SLR Cameras


Now a days, everyone owns a camera. Analog cameras are now the story of bygone days. These cameras use the technique of analog photography which uses recording medium based either on a chemical such as photographic film or plate, or electronic means like vidicon or CCD sensors.


But today, the most prevalent cameras are the digital cameras which capture videos, still photographs, or both, digitally by recording the images via an electronic media sensor. Digital cameras are very different from the analog ones and are capable of doing many things that the film cameras cannot perform. They can display the images on a screen immediately after they are captures. The memory of these cameras is also huge and can store thousands of images on a single small memory device.


Digital cameras can be of various types. They may be point and shoot models which fall under low cost range of cheap digital camera, or they may be expensive SLR models. With a point and shoot camera, you can simply point the object and click to shoot the images. The device does rest of the work. The images produced by these products are good but not very high in quality as compared to the ones that are capture by an SLR model.


Most of the models belonging to point and shoot category are manufactured to shoot in an auto mode. This gives the user a hassle free photography experience without being bothered about getting into technical and functioning details. These are very easy to use and even a novice photographer can take photographs very easily with these devices.  Most of the job is done by the gadget itself. The user needs to simply point the subject and click the button. One technique to enhance the picture quality of the images captured by these cameras is to use the ISO setting which controls the sensitivity of the device’s digital film and by increasing the sensitivity; one can shoot in environments with less light. This helps in capturing more details without using the flash and washing out skin tones.


The SLR or Single Lens Reflex models typically use a semi-automatic moving mirror system. This allows the users to see exactly what is going to be captures by the film or digital imaging system. Focus of the subject can be adjusted manually or automatically depending upon the product. A digital SLR camera uses a mechanical mirror system and pentaprism to direct light from the lens to an optical viewfinder which is located on the back of the camera. SLR cameras need higher level of expertise and are more frequently used by the professional photographers.