Plastic Surgery After Childbirth

.tags A mommy makeover is a series of plastic surgery procedures meant to restore the figure of women after childbirth. The stigma of plastic surgery has come and gone. No longer is it the hobby of rich socialites or vain movie stars. Cosmetic procedures are as common today as spa weekends and the patient is more likely to be your neighbor than anything else. Part of this trend towards plastic surgery that appeals to everyone is a fantastic new series of procedures called a mommy makeover. It is designed for the woman who has had a few children and is looking to get her body back closer to the way it looked beforehand. Almost any woman who has had kids says it is one of the most fulfilling and wonderful things they have ever done. Nothing beats the joy of bringing a life into the world that is a part of you and the person you love. However, if you talk to the same women all of them will tell you horror stories of the havoc it can wreak on the body. There is the weight gain, the stretch marks, the sagging breasts and the general loss of leanness to the lower body. In a mommy makeover all of these problems are addressed at once in the hopes of reversing some of the undesirable effects of pregnancy. It often entails a tummy tuck in conjunction with a breast augmentation and lift. Many women also opt to get liposuction and lifts to the thighs and buttocks as well. For some women a breast reduction is done in conjunction with a lift to reduce some of the excess tissue from breast-feeding. The great thing about this kind of plastic surgery is that the results are natural looking. Women who seek to have these procedures done have done what they can to get their bodies into shape after childbirth. They have begun eating right and exercising and have usually gone as far as nature will let them on their way to the body they had before childbirth. The confidence they receive from undergoing this plastic surgery bolsters their self-esteem and makes them more comfortable with their bodies again. Because of the rather extensive nature of this type of plastic surgery it is important for women to find a doctor whom they feel comfortable with and whom they feel is qualified to design a personal treatment plan for them. With the right doctor and the right procedures it is easy for women to have the body they had before childbirth, it is even possible to have a better figure.

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