Planar LA1710R Review


This type of screen matches perfectly with the requirements of a small company or even a medium size corporation. Because of its futuristic design it can bring a plus of performance and credibility for a business in development.

The monitor LCD 17 has latest features that enable users to benefit from a crystal clear image, no matter from which angle they are looking at the screen. For applications that require video or images, this is the perfect display device. It’s not only because of its 1280x 1024 resolution, but because of the big contrast ratio of 1000:1 and nano-pixels, only 0.264 mm that provide a quality image.  Because of the LCD Active Matrix Flat Panel Display with over 16 million colors panel, your entertainment experience in playing games or watching HD movies, will never be the same again. This is a monitor LCD 17, that comes not only at an accessible price, but that offers what it says it does and the 25 years of experience from Planar can support that.

To get to the top of all monitors, this screen has a built in power supply and a 5 ms response rate. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and brightness factor at 250 cd/m² (2 CCFL) with a visual angle of 170° Horizontal and 160° Vertical 10:1.

Bad things about the flat screen monitor are only a few. The first is that it’s only an analog creation when it comes to wires, and second is that it can be very sensitive to humidity. Also, its back design is a little large and may not please those that are looking for really flat screens.
This monitor can easily damage in contact with vapors or water, only because of its incorporated battery supplier, thus making it very inappropriate for many people that have such a problem.

The monitor comes with a 3 years warranty at purchase. Prices go from 160$ to 260$ , depending where you buy from.

At a purchase from online stores you may get either free shipping for the product, or a major discount, so make sure to check out these options first.