Plain Yogurt To Cure Chronic Yeast Infections – Is Using Plain Yogurt To Cure Yeast Infections Ok?

{flickr|100|campaign} I was wondering on this: how effective is using Plain yogurt to cure yeast infections. I mean curing a really chronic yeast infection. Does it really work? And I read somewhere that a good thing to do is to put it inside a tampon applicator and insert it like that? Is that the best way? And if so how soon will it start working – because I have a big weekend coming up and I don’t want to have a nasty yeast infection?

When you browse around the net for a while, you would find so many solutions for yeast infection. Using Plain Yogurt to Cure Chronic Yeast Infections? How effective is that? Well, this is a question that is asked on so many websites where yeast infection and other health issues are discussed, and I will try to give some answers to it here and also give you more ways you can use to treat your recurrent or chronic yeast infection so it goes away for good.

Yes, plain yogurt does help treat a yeast infection. Yeast infection is really an overgrowth of a certain organism (candida) that for many women is part of the normal vaginal flora. The “good bacteria” in regular plain yogurt are either the same strains as the healthy bacteria in normal human flora, or are very similar. Both incorporating yogurt into the diet AND doing vaginal suppositories with it will help re-establish a healthy balance.

You could use a few teaspoons of fresh yogurt in a CLEAN tampon applicator, or you can insert clean a finger coated with yogurt. Simply applying some yogurt between the labia minora will often suffice, too – you don’t necessarily have to insert it INTO the vagina.

Just one application should be enough for you to start to notice a difference on the infection – less irritation and itching, etc. I’d recommend continuing to apply yogurt 2x/day for about 4-5 days in total. If your symptoms don’t improve after 2 days or have not resolved completely after 1 week of treatment, it’s worth a chat with your doc.

Many people also say antibiotics do not treat yeast infections! In fact, they often cause them. What you need is an anti-fungal medicine (like Monistat) if you choose not to use a yogurt treatment. You can also try out other natural remedies which have proven to be effective in curing this infection and stopping it for good:

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