Philippine’s Bakery

One of the most popular branches of bakeries in the Philippines include Jollibee’s finest, Red Ribbon Bakery. Some Filipino may not know this but Red Ribbon (a more common name Filipinos use other than Red Ribbon Bakery) is part of the ever growing family of Jollibee Food Corporation.


Aside from Greenwich, Chowking, and Delifrance, Jollibee Food Corporation have also acquired the Red Ribbon Bakery. And because of the acquisition by this conglomerate of popular fast-food chains in the Philippines, Red Ribbon has never been the same.


Red Ribbon Bakery, or Red Ribbon, is a bakery based in the Philippines that offers some of the most scrumptious and delectable collection of cakes, and pastries. Other bakeries also serve food platters such as spaghettis, carbonaras, lasagnas, and the very popular Filipino food Palabok.


The first Red Ribbon was found in 1979 on the old streets of Quezon City along Timog Avenue. This was their starting point. After much success on their neighborhood, the founders decided to make their expansions on other territories other than the Philippines.


Red Ribbon first opened their US branch in 1984 in the sands of West Covina, California where most of the Filipino expatriates live there. There, Red Ribbon first served their cakes not only among the Filipinos but also with the Americans that live in their area.


After their success on other territories, the founders then entered a new phase on their business, franchising. Red Ribbon Bakery started to franchise their brand on 1999 where it expanded the brand to reach other places in central Luzon.


This became the reason why Jollibee spotted its potential in fast-food business. It was in 2005 that Red Ribbon Bakery was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation. By its acquisition, Red Ribbon entered a new phase in its company history. The company will soon become the biggest and fastest-growing bakeshop in the Philippines. Its mission is to bring the joy of eating to everyone through its great-tasting food and superior quality.


Today, Red Ribbon has grown to over 170 outlets all over the country and 19 stores in the US. It currently has 6 commissaries nationwide and 3 in the US.