pH Therapy Might Be The Ultimate Cure

Let’s go back to simple science…

Modern medical industry has made our health problems complicated and seem like rocket science to the general public. The problem starts when fellow medical professionals focus too much on the symptoms instead of the root of the diseases.

Yes! It’s a fact that the human body is as complex as the universe. But just like the complex universe can be traced down something as simple as proton and electron (don’t talk about quantum physics here), our health problems can be traced down to something as simple as pH balance.

A lot of people gave me a blank stare when I tell them pH balance could be the ultimate cure for most diseases. I can totally understand their reaction because I was in their shoes when I first got to know about this simple but impactful fact about health.

From then on, I have been practicing what I called pH Therapy, I eat balance diet not in terms of calorie, but in term is mineral balance. It works magic! It’ has been 8 years since my last visit to doctor! I do caught flu or fever once a while, but the frequency of me getting sick is much lower compared to my peers. And my flu or fever will cure by itself in one or two days.

Look, we have the best doctor on earth inside us! It’s our immune system. It’s an army need to be trained and provided with optimum environment (temperature & pH) for it to work at maximum performance.

The problem with modern medical industry is… They spoiled our immune system!! It makes our immune became lazy and dependent. I believe you’ve heard of too much of anti-biotics will only make things worse.

It’s your health, you decide! 10 to 15 minutes consultation with doctor does not give him/her the right to control your health. No one can understand your body better than YOURSELF! Stay tuned.