Pembrokeshire Geography

The country of Pembrokeshire is not only known for its mainland, but for several of its islands as well. Many of these have rich history, exceptional ruins delightful parks. This place is also known to many as the little England beyond Wales. Planning to spend holidays in Pembrokeshire to visit the sights in this lovely country just southwest of Wales is definitely a good idea. Whether it be a romantic getaway or a family adventure on your holiday cottages UK, Pembrokeshire definitely plays a great role as host to a whole world of visitors.

The mainland

A wonderful place geographically, perfect for holidays in Pembrokeshire because it is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it has exquisite limestone cliffs that break to the sea, beautiful serene beaches and scenic inland hills, a seaside gem for Wales. Amazing theme parks, scenic nature reserves, historical ruins and museums. Everybody deserves a break to enjoy this little slice of paradise. From the mainland, there are also several islands with equally exquisite scenery littered with holiday cottages UK just a short trip away.

Caldey Island

Just south of Tenby in Pembrokeshire Wales, lies Caldey Island. It contains a small village and some holiday cottages UK, but its most noted feature is an old monastery. Just a short distance away from the mainland of Wales, the distance being only 1 to 2 km away from the Pembrokeshire shore. The abbey that is found within the island was built in 1906. Workers used to break limestone from quarries here to build the Abbey, lighthouse and some buildings in the surrounding areas. Many boats sail to this island especially during the summer months during holidays in Pembrokeshire. The island is known to provide as a “Spiritual Retreat” all year round. There also is a private guesthouse on the island that plays host to those on shorter trips but no holiday cottages UK.


A small uninhabited island just about 13km of the southwestern coast of Pembrokeshire, this is actually the westernmost tip of Wales and another destination for holidays in Pembrokeshire. This is an uninhabited island and is sheltered by the Royal Society for the protection of birds. The fact that the island is uninhabited and does not have any of the usual holiday cottages UK does not drive tourists away, on the contrary, many spend their breaks to come and watch the birds. This is also known as the third most important site for gannets in the whole world and supports 10 percent of their population. The boats sail to Grassholm from St. Justinian’s lifeboat station and Martin’s Haven on the Pembrokeshire mainland. From the break of dawn until dusk, visitors can witness the flocks of birds that come and go the island and is simply a spectacular sight during your holidays in Pembrokeshire.