Peace in the Middle East

Politically inspired peace in the Middle East is not possible since Jerusalem was originally established as an alternative to politics 3000 years ago When Dovid King of Yisroel purchased the Temple Mount–a valley between two hills. The reason why Dovid merited this distinction had to do with his politics–he had none.

Dovid was the second king of Yisroel, Shaul the first king accommodated the people, compromised with local leaders and was reticent to secure the borders of his kingdom; Dovid just did whatever God wanted. What we have today is a political reality void of spirituality where parties compete for their own interests. No amount of compromise can ever achieve peace since the essence of Y’rushaliam is fear of God: Yira/Fear and Sholam/Complete.

But, there is a solution: respect for the ancient ways.

In our modern times, the Age of Arrogance, everything old is disregarded; old people are put away, history is rewritten and ancient sites are despoiled for their antiquity and the value of their artifacts. Though our systems of thought stem from ancient civilizations who pondered the plight of the human spirit; it is arrogance which disregards their conclusions.

The Jewish and the Moslem Peoples have a common connection through the patriarch Avraham progenitor of Ishmael father of the Arab People and Yitzchok father to the Jewish People. What made these two brothers different was their language; Avraham was the father of language, giving each son a separate way to express their essential being according to their nature.

Arabic is the language of the heart and Hebrew the language of the head; both Hebrew and Arabic are languages of prophecy and that is why the Moslem and Jewish Peoples are inextricably tied together–both receiving the word of the One God. In both texts Y’rulshaliam is hinted at and both peoples hold the place holy for that reason. Sholom in Hebrew and Salam in Arabic have two meanings: Complete and Peace; it is said, without peace nothing is complete.

The prophecy of the Torah came first and the Jewish People who brought the word into the world had an illustrious 1000 years history replete with two Temples each standing for over 400 years built on the same Temple Mount and both destroyed on precisely the same day–the Ninth of Av as witnessed by the Roman historian Josephus and celebrated as a day of mourning by Jewish People everywhere.

Five hundred years after the destruction of the Second Temple the Koran was given to the Arab People through their language written in the heavens and read by their prophet Mohammad. The Koran spread like wild-fire and had it not been for the cruel crusades Islam would have swallowed up Europe and there would have been peace in the world. The Jewish People would have been returned to their land where encompassed by Koranic wisdom the Jewish and Arab People would have been like a fruit from the Tree of Life with the Torah the center of the fruit and the Koran the meat.

To make peace in the Middle East Y’rushaliam needs to be returned to its primal purpose of producing light into the world. The Jewish and Moslem Peoples are very close to one another in what we believe, how we worship and in our language and customs. The only agreement that will bring peace to the Middle East is if both sides decide to depoliticize Y’rushaliam until it is the capitol of no states just a place to study the Holy Torah and the Holy Koran.