Parker Compound Bows

Parker Compound Bows provide seriously superior quality at a low price. It seems that their durability is their greatest quality.

They come pre-packaged with them sights already set, and they do not seem to move during shipping. If you have ever bought a bow, you know this is a big deal. Often, one of the first things you have to do is get the bow and re-sight it in. This can be frustrating and time consuming, and you can avoid it with these bows.

Also, the Parker compound bows are stealthy. Seriously. Many users brag about the camouflaging pattern on them. As you well know, most bows have some type of camo on them, but this type seems to work well. They are also extremely quiet. You just cannot sneak up on a big deer with a bow that makes too much noise.  On these, the release of the arrow and the draw seem to be very quiet compared to many bows.

As mentioned above, Parker compound bows are durable, too. I actually read one story where a bow hunter tripped over a fence, literally threw their bow into a tree, had no time to adjust it before hunting, and killed a deer with no problem. That kind of quality can be hard to find.

The price is good, too. Their prices match up fairly well with other high quality brands like Martin, and when you consider how long they will last and what you can do with them, it seems like a no-brainer. They also have some cool packages that include every kind of accessory you might need made by some of the best accessory brands in the business. They can offer these packages at a great price because they are a big company and have more buying power than you or I. These can be great starter kits for new archers.

In conclusion, Parker compound bows are an excellent buy. There is no doubt that if you purchase one, you will be able to hunt down deer, target shoot, or whatever you want to do with it for years to come.