Paging System Technology Has Not Disappeared With The Advent Of Cellular Devices

.tags With the advent, popularity and affordability of cellular phones, its surprising to discover that the pager has not fallen by the wayside. Actually, despite the growing popularity of cellular devices, systems that are in place for paging have not dwindled. Interest in paging has shifted and has grown in different industries, actually.

Pagers have been considered the cell phone predecessor, but they are small telecommunication devices in their own right with their own features. These pocket-size communication tools have not lost any interest in the public eye as viable options. The primary function of a pager is to receive a signal, but some pagers can actually transmit signals or brief text messages as well.

Pagers were developed with the primary use of receiving communication in mind. Cellular phones were not a take-off on the idea, but a technology that developed simultaneously. Since cellular devices were being developed to handle the two-way communications, pagers were simply intended to receive. It is difficult to engineer devices small enough to carry around in your pocket while containing all of the functionality of sending and receiving information. Cell phones are getting smaller as the technology develops further. When pagers found their way onto the market, cellular phones were much larger and much more costly.

Pagers have developed the two-way system over time and have allowed users to not only receive, but send their signals and messages. A consumer is not obligated to purchase a cellular device since paging devices are sufficient in most cases. While the argument can be made about the superior technology of the cellular devices over paging system, the simple and easy-to-use paging system is still favored.

The paging system has also made its way into restaurants and church nurseries, just to name a couple of uses. In restaurants you may now find that you are handed a pager while waiting for your table to become ready. Once your table is prepared, you receive an alert through the device. Similarly, the pagers are given to parents of nursery children and if there is a need for the parents to attend their child, a pager which flashes and vibrates can be used to alert them.