ONLINE EDUCATION (Computer Networking Degree Programs)

ONLINE EDUCATION (Computer Networking Degree Programs)

Computer Networking

Individuals with a computer networking degree help ensure that networks are designed and maintained to support the success of an organization. These professionals provide daily support for software users in all types of work environments. They are responsible for making the proper connections for the internet, intranets, and extranets. This includes designing and maintaining local area networks and wide area networks. Computer networking professionals also work in developing and implementing the information security plan and disaster recovery plan for their organization. The computer networking degree helps you learn the skills that are necessary to design and implement high-quality networks that meet the needs of the modern business world. While completing your program, you will also learn about directory services and network security.

Career Opportunities

After obtaining your computer networking degree, there are many types of jobs for which you can apply. You will be trained to be competent for jobs such as network administration, network design, and network security. You will also have the necessary skills for a job in computer programming, computer systems analyzing, database administration, and computer science.

Degrees Available

As technology continues to improve, computer networking professionals must keep their skills current and update them regularly. Most companies prefer you to have a bachelor degree or higher. However, some companies consider experience and job performance in order to promote computer networking professionals to higher-level positions. Most local colleges, universities, and technical schools provide programs to earn your computer networking degree. Another option is to complete an online program of study. There are plenty of educational institutions that provide online computer networking degrees. This will allow you to complete the necessary course work at a convenient place and time that fits into your schedule.

omputer networks are indispensable in today’s business world. With a career in network management, you’ll manage the computers, operating systems and networks that every business relies upon. Cisco Networking Academy because Cisco is the leader in the networking market. This gives you the opportunity to work on the same technology that businesses use today and to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). With this degree and certification, you’ll be prepared to start a successful career in the world of technology.

Program features include:

more than half of core contact hours delivered via hands-on lab training
courses that prepare you for the Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA) exam
courses that prepare you for additional industry-relevant certificates, such as Microsoft

Without computers and the ability to communicate online, our lives would be drastically different. Almost every company, large or small, relies on computer networking systems to reach clients, keep track of inventory, communicate with employees, track finances and budgets and simply operate from day to day.

Because of this increased reliance on networking and Internet communication, more and more employees are needed in the field. If you have an interest in computers and want to find a lucrative and stable career in business, then an online networking degree may be the perfect choice for you. With so many different degree programs available, it may be a challenge to find the right fit.
Here are a few things to consider when choosing between the many available networking degrees.
Qualifications and Requirements for Online Networking Degrees
While some certifications and diplomas can be earned by any adult who wants to pursue the program, many networking degrees have specific prerequisites.
To earn an Associate Degree of Computer Network Engineering or a Bachelor of Science in Networking, you might need to have a high school diploma, specific ACT or SAT scores and proficiency in math and science.
To pursue a master’s degree or higher in networking, you will typically need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in the same subject or in a related field.
Computer Networking Course Duration
Although you may have already decided to pick an online degree in computer networking, the course duration will vary significantly depending on the type of degree you choose. A network administration certificate might take as little as six months to complete, and can prepare graduates for entry level computer networking careers in a short period of time.
Earning an associate degree in the same field will take between one and two years, and a bachelor’s degree in networking traditionally takes four years to complete online.
Working and Earning an Online Networking Degree
If you already hold a full time job, you can still pursue a networking degree online in your spare time. An online degree in networking can be earned after work, on the weekends, on your vacation days or whenever else you have time and access to your computer.
Prerecorded lectures, study notes and materials can be used whenever you want, and it is even possible to take exams whenever they fit into your schedule. Even the pace of the course is determined by the student, and it is possible to take fewer classes each semester in order to suit your needs.
Affordability of Online Degrees
Since traditional colleges need to pay for large buildings, maintenance, upkeep, landscaping and other related costs, they are forced to charge higher tuition rates to students. Online colleges, on the other hand, have slightly fewer costs and can therefore reduce tuition rates for their students. In addition, not having a daily commute to and from a traditional college campus can save you money on transportation.

Earning your networking degree online may save you a lot of money over the course of several years, and the ability to work while you earn your online degree means that you may not have to rely on loans and credit card debt to make your way through college.

As nearly every business has some kind of computer networking system in use, graduates who have qualifications in networking will continue to have an easy time finding work. Whether you want an entry level position right out of high school or an advanced position after 15 years with a company, an online networking degree can help you to achieve your goals, increase your earning potential and find success.

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