Onion Pink And Pale Brown Wonder

{flickr|100|campaign} The onion pale pink saree is totally charming. It has a shimmering body with self colored prints allover and the pallu is embroidered in detail with sequins, beads and other forms of embroidery. The border edges are precisely done with w shaped cutting. The splendid imagination and the impeccable materialization of the same are worth mention. Apart from the onion pink, pale brown colour is also used in the saree and the combination of these two colors and the proportion in which they are used apart from the pattern are in total harmony and enhance the looks of the saree.

The pink v shaped patches are placed amidst the pale brown material in the portion below the knee level. These patches have closely placed beads and an embroidered work that comprises medium sized circled embroidery and other traditional designs done with pale brown thread. Whereas, the pale brown portion of the saree is embroidered with onion pink threads such that both the parts relate to each other. Below the waist some beautifully done medium sized sun flower patterns are occasionally found.

The border of the saree however steals the show with S shaped patterns against each other and two arcs from the centre that overlap them slightly. The blouse material is in pale pink shade and is best stitched sleeveless with v neck. Pink studded clutch, pink accessories would look great with the saree. The saree flows comfortably through the shoulder and the waist and is easy to move around with. The edges have been done with fast threads with absolutely no worry about laundering the saree. However pale brown accessories would also look good with the saree but only second to the pink accessories. Hair can be neatly braided in an Indian plait with preferably some flowers. The saree is a great choice for kitty parties and birthday parties especially when you are the host.