One man’s fight against Islamist terrorism in Kenya | DW Documentary

One man’s fight against Islamist terrorism in Kenya | DW Documentary

Al-Shabaab, a Somali terror group, has been active for some years in Kamukunji near Kenya’s capital Nairobi. But Clive Wanguthi is working to change that, through peaceful means.

For years, Clive Wanguthi earned his living from crime – and he was feared by residents of Kamukunji. Then, a traumatic experience changed his life. Today he is a practicing Muslim and is grateful to be able to give something back to his community. His word carries weight here. He works to help people wherever he can, and he regularly goes on patrol – together with other men – to sound out any activity by Al-Shabaab militants. He organizes peace marches against the terrorists and works to bring people together; he includes the police in his endeavors too. “We will only have peace here when we drive out Al-Shabaab,” he says. He encourages others in his neighborhood to go to the police immediately if they become aware of any terrorist activities. The Muslims of Kamukunji are keen to distance themselves from Islamists from neighboring Somalia. The terrorist group has long been active in Kenya. Their attacks stir up anger – and fear. As a result, Muslims in Kenya are often viewed with suspicion by the Christian majority and in some cases face open hostility. And they are subjected to regular police raids. Journalist Sabine Bohland accompanies Clive Wanguthi as he takes his stand against terror.

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