Oily Skin Care – Can Home Made Remedies Help?


Oily skin care can be a perplexing problem. Skin comes in a variety of colors, types, and textures. Two of the most problematic skin issues people deal with, especially women, are oily and dry skin. Sometimes people have to deal with oily in one area and dry skin in another at the same time! (Known as combination skin)

Most people have rudimentary knowledge about using moisturizers for dry skin.  However, fewer people are aware of the techniques for care of oily skin. And having excess oil can have some advantages, such as a decreased appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But more frequent skin outbreaks, an oily appearance, and larger pores outweigh those advantages.

Many people with overactive sebaceous glands (the cause) continuously look for ways to improve the appearance of their facial skin.

Dermatologists often suggest gentle face washes two to three times a day with facial soap and water. However, If washing this often is not possible, consider using on the go facial wipes.

Showering or bathing in lukewarm water is often recommended. Water that is hot can remove moisture that is needed for healthy skin, while water that is too cold can put skin into shock.

Many cosmetics, sunscreens, and skin products on the market designed for oily skin. Claim to be oil-free and in the case of mineral oil–absolutely stay away!

Unfortunately an all encompassing oil-free recommendation is not the best solution. Look for oily skin care products that contain natural plant oils like Olive or Avocado. These oils are so similar to what the skin produces. They really help balance out skin and reign in the excess oil.

Extreme cases of skin oiliness demand a dermatologist’s intervention and they may prescribe a medications meant to reduce the amount of oil production from glands and in some cases even attempt to shrink the gland themselves.

The environment can also have an effect on skin oil glands. Many believe that oil glands are sensitive to and triggered by factors such as hormones, fatty foods, and heat.

Natural and home made skin care remedies often works for those with excess skin oil.

Consider using a half and half mixture of lime and cucumber juice with an added few drops of eau de cologne on the face before taking a bath. This mixture will help with oil issues as well as refine pores and reduce breakouts.

Apply a small amount of cucumber juice to problem oily areas before applying makeup. Dry the face after the juice is applied. Trouble areas are typically the forehead, nose, and chin.

Homemade or premixed clay and mud mask are also often good at drying excessive oil. Leave the mask on for fifteen minutes about three times each week. There are many recipes available for making your own mask mixtures. Using green clay and raw honey is one popular mixture.

Many believe that using lemon juice and water on their face twice a day also helps control oil. Allow the mixture to dry then wash it off with warm water. Follow the wash with a cool water rinse.

These routines can be a lot of work and if time is a constraint there are wonderful commercial products that can help with oily skin care issues. The right type of natural plant oils can very often balance out and quickly eliminate an oily skin care issue.