Obesity Causes and Treatment and Home Remedies for Obesity


Obesity is a medical condition that describes the point when the amount of excess fat in the body is so great, it starts to damage a person’s health. Obesity is generally measured with the help of body mass index (BMI). If your BMI is between 25 and 29.9 then you are considered overweight; if your BMI is over 30 then you are considered obese. If you fall into this category, you may be eligible to receive specialized obesity treatment from your physician.

What causes obesity?
Obesity happens when the body consumes more calories than it burns. In the past, people thought obesity was simply due to over-eating and a lack of exercise. However, research has identified a number of other factors including genetics, race, age, behavioural and social issues that could be behind obesity. Despite so many variables contributing to obesity, physicians still strongly believe that over consuming high-calorie fatty foods and a lack of physical activity is the single biggest cause of obesity.

Home Remedies for Obesity
1. The easiest and effective remedy to fight obesity would be to have 10 grams of honey, along with a glass of warm water. Consume this in the morning, on an empty stomach. If found effective, the dose can be increased with time.
2. You can also mix juice of half a lime and one teaspoon of fresh honey in a glass of lukewarm water. Have this early in the morning, followed by every few hours intake.
3. Consuming 10-12 fully grown curry leaves every morning, for 3 months, is found beneficial in dealing with the problem of obesity.
4. Have one or two tomatoes, on an empty stomach, every morning. This has been found to be effective in curing obesity.
5. In a glass of boiling water, add ginger and lemon slices. Steep for sometime and strain the water. Have this decoction when warm. Not only would it treat obesity, it would also control overeating tendency.
6. In a cup of water, add 3 tsp limejuice, ¼ tsp powdered black pepper and 1 tsp honey. Have this concoction regularly, once a day, for 3 months.
7. Soak a handful of jujube or Indian plum leaves overnight. Strain the water in the morning and consume on an empty stomach. It will prove beneficial in curing obesity.
8. Include loads of cabbage in your diet. You can have its leaves raw or boiled. You can also make a vegetable out of it or use it in salads.
9. Take out fresh carrot juice, add a little water and churn it in a blender. Filter the juice and drink it.
10. Include French beans, jackfruits, grapes, figs, peaches, phalsa and guava in the diet.
11. Having green tea has been found to be beneficial in treating obesity. You can also consume tea made from dandelion root.
12. In a cup of lukewarm water, add ½ tbsp honey and ½ tsp holy basil paste. Consume this everyday, for treating obesity.
13. Horse gram can help cure obesity. Soak 1-2 tbsp horse gram in a glass of water and keep it overnight. Filter the concoction the next morning and have it on an empty stomach.
14. Make ginger paste and add a small amount to honey to it. Comsume this along with ½ tsp natural guggul. It will prove effective in treating obesity.