Nutritional Labeling made easy


Today every food item sports a nutritional label either in the front or by the sides. The main purpose of Nutritional Labeling is to provide you with the information about the food that you are about to consume. Though some of these nutritional labels are complicated, most are not. Here is a basic guide to help you understand Nutritional Labeling better.

Serving size: The amount of food that a person is expected to eat is known as the serving size. Just as different foods have different serving sizes, similar ones have a similar serving size or portion. This makes it easier to classify different foods.

Percentage {%} Daily Value: this value is meant to indicate how a particular food item will fit in an average daily diet which is estimated to be of around 2,000 calories. It will help you understand whether the food you are about to eat has all the required nutrients or not and also their respective quantities. So that you know what is lacking in your diet.

Middle Section Information: it is in this section that the most important information about your health is mentioned. After reading it you can calculate the amount of fibers, fats sodium and other important nutrients that will be required for your daily diet. These nutrients are required in a fixed amount so that your body functions smoothly and at optimum level.

Minerals and Vitamins: the percentage of minerals and vitamins found in this part of Nutritional Labeling are the same as those recommended by the FDA’s daily allowance of the same.

After you are equipped with all this information, you can easily understand what a nutritional label wishes to convey. After you have read a nutritional label you shall be fully aware of what is already present and what is lacking in your daily diet which is very important and shall contribute a lot to your health and physical fitness in the long run as it contributes to a healthy diet. Also, apart from the nutritional label make sure that the food that you are about eat has been stored in hygienic conditions and that it is not consumed after its expiry date.