North Korea Military Diplomacy

Although often to show the hard way to carry out military diplomacy, North Korea’s hard-line diplomatic logic but it is still negative, it can be summarized as “people do not make me, I do not prisoners; if we are attacked, we will certainly counterattack.” North Korea to take tough military source, are based on “the heart of the US-ROK death I die,” the basic judgments are the first South Korean to “aggressive” response.

After the shelling, the two Koreas their hawkish statement condemning the military attacks the other side first. But South Korean Defense Ministry on November 27 has been officially recognized. It is being held a “National Protection Army speech.” The South Korean troops from the control of first floor extension to the disputed areas on the island fired artillery shells. According to information released by North Korea, said the shelling was due to North Korea despite the repeated warnings. In the exercise area to the North Korean artillery fire, Asics Shoes which led to the Korean military to hit back. Then shelling the truth is: South Korean military exercises during the disputed waters of the western inter-Korean the DPRK fired artillery shells triggered strong retaliation, leading to escalation of the conflict for both full artillery.

South Korea “protect the country,” the last day of military exercises, both Korean troops in the disputed waters near the island of Yin Ping sudden outbreak of intense artillery. North-South Korean military more than 280 shells were fired. North Korean army fired artillery shells into the sea, half and half the island a direct hit Yin Ping, particularly the island of South Korean military bases Yin Ping.

For the artillery to pass, according to Japanese media reports, North Korea’s artillery is divided into two rounds, respectively, in 23 November 14:34 PM and 15:11. Korea in 14:47 and 15:25 on Yin Ping Kang Ling Island North Korea across the Korean People’s Army military fortress gun to fight back. Gucci Outlet South Korean military response from the time lag point of view, South Korea Defense Minister Jin Tairong said before his resignation: “In accordance with the principles should guide and returned fire in self-defense.” Alleged compliance with the principle of the ROK is not to cause casualties on the DPRK in order to avoid large the scale of the outbreak of war. However, several levels of the system led to aircraft delays, making South Korea the end severely damaged and caused civilian casualties.

Shelling caused the outbreak of a series of inter-Korean and the reaction of the parties concerned. South Korea, had broken out, President Lee Myung-bak debrief immediately into the underground command post and issued instructions. He directed the whole army into the highest level of alert, trying to prevent events to expand and seek viable operational plans, through the Panmunjom talks.