No Passion, No Business!


There are plenty of “work at home business” opportunities available on the internet. The short of the story or rather the reality is: If you don’t love what you do – chance are pretty perfect that you WILL fail at whatever it is you are doing.

If you like what you do, then you might last six months or so. But to make a success of a “work at home business” you need to love what you are doing. Also known as ‘PASSION’. If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, then don’t do it at all. I have explored various business opportunities and realized that the main reason for giving up on most of them is because of a lack of passion.

Any business, online or offline, requires time and dedication. If you don’t love what you are doing, then you wont last a month. If you don’t work your business for at least twelve months, then you will fail.

Find a “work at home business” that complies with your passion. Don’t get involved with an internet based opportunity if you don’t love to spend time on the internet. Don’t get involved with a lotion company if you don’t even wash your own hair. Find your passion first and only then start with your “work at home business” journey.

Will it be easy to build up a “work at home business” if you have passion for whatever it is you are going to do? No, there will always be hurdles. It will be hard at time BUT the fact that you have a passion for it will pull you through, to keep going. It is the most important to stick it through for at least twelve months before you explore new ventures.

Most people will fail because they don’t stick it out for twelve months. They give up and jump to the next best thing wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours never having any success with anything.

Please note that there are plenty of legitimate “work at home business” out there. There are plenty of people making millions with it. Interesting enough they all have one thing in common : they have passion for what they are busy with every day

Have or create passion before you open your purse the next time to explore the next “work at home business” opportunity.