No Pain No Gains

{flickr|100|campaign} The contemporary society has adopted such a negative attitude towards pain that even newborns are afraid of pain. Society has taught us to loath pain and to avoid it at all costs. We are perpetually on the look out of the things that might cause us to experience pain. This has become so engrained in our sub-conscious that, we even avoid those things that we believe might inflict even the remotest sense of pain. The majority of what we fear and keep at bay in fear of pain is sadly, the most beneficial ventures that we may engage in.

We loath going to the gym or to jog around the block, due to fear of muscle pains the next morning. We fear dieting for fear of experiencing hunger pains. We fear starting a new exercise because it might inflict muscle pain. We fear increasing our intensity after years in the gym doing the same exercises for fear of hurting our sweet little bodies. We leave the lager than average barbell or dumbbell lying in the unexplored corner; for fear that it might overwork our delicate physiques. We have always lived in fear, and today, we live for fear. We remain miserable because we lack the courage to better ourselves, and only because doing so, might cause some pain.

No wonder our children are obese. No wonder after years in the gym, we have no mass to show for it. No wonder we are as feeble as we were before we could spell the word mother. No wonder we have so many justifications for our near immoral eating habits. No wonder we abuse steroids with impunity and misuse supplements not to supplement efforts but rather to replace pain inflicting exercises. No wonder we are miserable and disillusioned. No wonder bodybuilding is body building!

Only the bodybuilder who learns to bear pain with a smile will ever accumulate the muscle mass he or she dreams of. To a serious body builder, pain is an indication that he or she is operating at the optimal point of muscle stimulation. Unless it’s the pain of an injury, which must be avoided at all costs, muscle pain results from muscle resistance to challenges. It results when the muscles have been extended beyond what they are used to. In essence therefore, pain in the muscles is the predicator of muscle growth. Without pain, there will be no growth since the muscles have not been stimulated to grow further and accommodate that intensity level they are not already accustomed to.

A serious body builder will smile when he or she feels the muscle pain. He or she will love the feeling of pain because it is the promise of growth. Remember that this is not pain resulting from over training, muscle injury, tear or overstraining. The pain to smile is about the pain resulting from extending muscular exhaustion to the optimum best. At this point, the body builder intent on gaining muscle mass will smile alongside the pain and all the way to the phenomenal muscle gains. Every time the muscles feel pain, the bodybuilder will smile for tomorrow, he or she will be thicker and stronger. Pain is an indication that the bodybuilder progressed from the former level to a new one.

Only if we learn that pain is beneficial, when we learn to love it, to expect it and even solicit for it, shall we see gains and become winners.