Nikon D90 Vs Nikon D700

These are two masterpieces being pitted against each other, both of whom have come from the same factory. The D90 and D700 are two showpieces made by Nikon that enjoy huge popularity amongst the common folk and are known to be very good. However, the features are being put under the hammer for comparison and observed. The Nikon D90, being the latest goes first.

The 12.3 mega Pixel camera along with the DX Format CMOS Imaging Sensor is a great asset. The EXPEED Image processing technology helps in getting good photographs and improves picture quality to a great extent. It is being said to be the first ever D-SLR digital camera of the world with an HD Movie Mode. The LCD Monitor is an amazing addition. The 3 inch super density screen produces around 921,000 dot colors and a 170 degree viewing angle. Then there is the 11 point AF System. This is meant for fast and accurate auto focus. The 3D Color Matrix Metering II with screen recognition ensures fixed and concise shots with the Auto Active D Lighting ensuring proper illumination when the shots are clicked.

The Nikon Wide Angle Lens can be rented and used in this as a substitute at times, available eventually at an affordable Nikon Lens Rental and Wide Angle Lens Rental. The camera offers a phenomenal shooting rate, that of 4.5 frames per second. It has a very low noise sensitivity, which ranges from 200 to 3200. The built in image sensor cleaning is a great asset and the shutter is durable and high precision. GPS geo tagging only makes the process easier and wonderful.

The D700 is no less. It matches the D90 feature for feature. The 12.1 Mega Pixels with FX-Format and CMOS Sensor is a great asset. Add to it the same EXPEED virtue mentioned above, and you have a winner in your hands. A continuous shoots of 5 frames per second makes shooting amazing and if you add the MB-D10 multi power battery to it, the shooting capacity goes up to 8 frames. Shooting is possible through a couple of live view shooting modes. The 3D Focus Tracking feature helps in auto focus precision along with a troika of dynamic AF Modes.

The Camera offers a 1,005 Pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II which accounts for over 30,000 images being taken. Then there are the control settings which boast of 9 customizable options and 4 preset options. The digital camera offers a Broad ISO Sensitivity of up to 6400 and creates a noise bare minimum. The super density VGA Color Monitor is three inches in dimensions and produces 921,000 pixels. The piece is safely placed in a rugged magnesium alloy construction and kept well free of scratches and debris. Active lighting happens through the Active D-Lighting NEW Auto Mode.

This camera too provides space for a Nikon Wide Angle Lens to be fitted in, which again can be leased through Wide Angle Lens rental or Nikon Lens Rental.

The attributes have been mentioned above. Decide for yourself which one is the most beneficial.