New York Civility

Civility is defined as courtesy, politesse, or a polite action or expression. Very rarely do peopleeven express civilities anymore or even understand its meaning. Especially since the advent of Civil Court, where the cases heard are complaints that occur every day and are low on the totem pole of importance.


Since car accidents happen every day, in fact, every 14 seconds within the United States, it is here that these cases are held. Auto accident cases are brought to a civil court judge, where they will be heard and resolved by a judge without the benefit of a jury. Unless, of course, you hire New York auto accident lawyers to assist in settling outside of court.

In order to successfully accomplish a settlement, both parties and their lawyers would meet outside of court to determine what acceptable reparations would be. Such compensation is then agreed upon, before either party is required to see a courtroom. Settlements save both parties time, money, and hassle. Having a reliable, responsible lawyer is integral to having a successful settlement.


The responsibility of the New York auto accident attorney is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accident was completely out of the control of the victim. In this instance, it is the second party that is held culpable, not the injured party. Further, the accident lawyer is then responsible for finding an acceptable amount for the liable party to pay to the injured party, an amount that everyone can agree upon.


Due to the society in which we live, we are spared paying for other peoples’ negligence. When accidents result in injury, or irreparable damage through no fault of our own, we are not held responsible. Further, we are fortunate enough to live in a nation that assists us in finding those who did cause the mishap, and holding them responsible for their actions.


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