New technology for building measurement


A commercial building is an incredibly valuable asset. Building owners, in turn, want to maximize the value of their buildings in any way they can. This may include making design and construction improvements, improving marketing to attract better tenants, and most of all having a competent property manager to oversee the operations of that asset. Whether, it is an office, industrial, retail, or multi-family building, it is always a good idea to have accurate drawings of the property, including floor plans and a site plan. This is why the field of building measurement has become more and more important to commercial property owners and managers.

Believe it or not, many property owners do not have accurate plans of their buildings. This can be due to many reasons, such as the buildings are very old and the plans are lost, or there has been construction done over the years that was never properly documented. Building measurement involves taking all of the physical dimensions of an existing building, and re-creating the floor plans to show the exact layout as it currently exists. This is also called an As Built plan.

Accurate plans that are created through a building measurement will have many uses for the property manager. First, they can be used by an architect or contractor as base plans for any proposed design or construction project. They can be used for marketing to show the plans to prospective tenants who might be interested in leasing a vacant unit. They may be required for certain permitting issues by a government agency that requires plans as part of the process. Perhaps most importantly, they can be used to calculate the exact Square Footage of the building, and each separate unit.

If you are interested in getting your building measured, you will need to hire a trained professional that understands the process of creating accurate floor plans. Architecture companies might offer this service, but they are typically expensive and it is not a core part of their business operation. A better option for your Building Measurement is to go with a specialized measuring company that focuses only on building measurement. These companies will have the tools, know-how, and highly trained staff to get the job done quickly, accurately, and affordably. As more and more property owners and managers realize the value of having accurate building plans, building measurement will continue to grow as an industry.

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