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HC plastic mesh New Kam Lung Company (shop: ) Honored as the 2008 Guangzhou, “Customer Satisfaction Product” publicity brand list. Quality Management Association Guangzhou City took the lead for 6 months of product satisfaction surveys have successfully ended the investigation covers: Guangdong, Guangxi and Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Hubei, Shanghai, Hebei, Tianjin, Sichuan and other provinces and municipalities, and Taiwan , 200 Hong Kong Kam Lung epoxidized soybean oil with new customers, new brand of epoxy soybean oil Kam Lung national customer satisfaction reached 93.75%. Proud to be in Guangzhou in 2008, “Customer Satisfaction Product” publicity brand list, but also makes the brand new Kam Lung epoxidized soybean oil in the same industry leading position further. Huadu District, Guangzhou became the only enterprise Ranking nearly ten thousand enterprises (publicity Web site: (Guangzhou Municipal Quality Management Association website)). Quite a lot of epoxy soybean oil customers quality requirements, process control and application of technical aspects is more concerned about the hope that the new company can give answers to Kam Lung. To thank customers for new Kam Lung care and support, the new Kam Lung Institute of Chemistry, Nankai University invited Dr. Qin and the new R & D team as well as some users Kam Lung representatives held a symposium on the customer care number on the ring oxygen hot soybean oil to 11 to answer questions. The following is part of the seminar questions extract, in order to make customers more easily understand the chemical aspects of some technical term for the spoken language processing. Want to give our customers the epoxidized soybean oil and application of knowledge to bring help, welcome customers and the industry elite to the common exchange.

Q: Epoxidized soybean oil is an epoxy value of what indicators? How some manufacturers over the factory standard is 6.6%, while the new Kam Lung of epoxy soybean oil epoxy value generally around 6.3%?

A: epoxy value of the characteristics of epoxy soybean oil index, usually the ring oxygen in the oxygen content of the percentage of epoxy value will directly determine the number of epoxy group, epoxy group in PVC Products play a role of HCl scavengers. PVC heat or light will be decomposed into the role of HCl, if there is no epoxy, the resulting HCl further catalytic decomposition of PVC, to accelerate the breaking of molecular segment, leading to early degradation products. Therefore, the epoxidized soybean oil can be given to PVC plasticized, heat and light stabilizer. In general, the use of epoxy soybean oil for production of epoxy soybean oil epoxy value of more than 6.0% in general (using the national standard GB/T1677-1981 hydrochloride acetone test, that the national recognition, national common test methods), so epoxidized soybean oil in China Although no national targets, but in some influential technical books epoxidized soybean oil in all the epoxy soybean oil epoxy value target set at: 6.0%; while large enterprises this value as their enterprise standard, the same, brand new Kam Lung epoxy soybean oil epoxy value of the enterprise standard is set at: 6.0%; in fact we more advanced production technology company, has over ten years mature production experience, epoxy value of our products will be about 6.3%, is nationally recognized quality product areas as soybean oil contained in the iodine value of raw materials determines the number of epoxy groups, so that domestic enterprises to produce epoxy value of 6.6% of the very few, this is because the current domestic production of epoxy soybean oil production process are used intermittently produced adverse reactions to such causes as many low epoxy value. Data on individual enterprises to the beauty of her own epoxy soybean oil epoxy value indicators are very high, when a client practical test, the test results fell far short of targets, they will move out of the so-called United States AS TM standard test (hydrogen bromide acetic acid method), rather than domestic enterprises GB/T1677-1981 recognized national standard method (hydrochloric acid acetone), the U.S. ASTM standard test standard solution of the special nature of domestic enterprises can not be widely used brominated acetic acid method for testing of hydrogen. Therefore, some enterprises in the so-called high epoxy value of the subject (more than 6.6%) of the product in fact can only use test methods use a trick, rather than the actual quality improvement method. In addition, the real value of products with high epoxy is not necessarily that he played in the PVC products, light, heat stabilizing effect on the large, high epoxy value of the products that the thermal stability of low-capacity not greater than the absolute value of epoxy products, we will combine the specific reasons for the thermal stability of the following key indicators in this turn.

Q: What kind of thermal stability is an indicator? What was measured? Why do I receive some of the Epoxy Soybean Oil manufacturers are given a test report form does not this one?

A: The thermal stability of epoxy value retention rate is known, that at 177 3 hours later left the number of epoxy groups (see the loss of epoxy value, the smaller the loss the better), some Enterprises also ratio of epoxy to keep the value of that. Epoxy value is characteristic index of epoxy soybean oil, but also representation targets. He often includes a real epoxy oxygen and by-laws are anti-coupling reaction product of oxygen and oxygen peroxide. The former 177 still stable, the latter will just decompose at 170 . The thermal stability of epoxy soybean oil is the nature of indicators, to put it in simple words: the relationship between the two is: epoxy value greater than 6.0% only show product is epoxidized soybean oil; and thermal stability (epoxy value retention rate) but note that the number of epoxy soybean oil epoxy groups and other substances, the product is superior grade or qualified products. This answers a question raised in the epoxy value of products with high thermal stability of low-capacity not greater than the epoxy value products because, if the appearance of a high index epoxy value, while the thermal stability is very low, for two reasons: on the one hand, the backward production technology, in the epoxidation process in order to save costs, reduce energy consumption, increase productivity, by adding appropriate catalyst (some epoxy catalyst may accelerate the course of epoxy ring-opening will to produce by-products will cause low thermal stability); the other hand, soybean oil contains more raw materials such as heavy metal manganese, lead, chromium, etc., will lead to products in the production process of oxidation and decomposition, such as containing more inorganic salts such as CaCl2, MgCl2, etc., would epoxy key ring. Especially under high temperature ring-opening even more serious. Resulting in poor thermal stability. New Kam Lung thermal stability of epoxy soybean oil has remained above 95%, and most of the products