Natural Treatments For Sores, Cracks and Fissures in the Nipples


Sores, cracks and fissures in the nipples are common problems among women. In this article you will find information about natural treatments for sore, cracked and fissures in the nipples. You will also know how to keep your breasts soft and supple naturally.

Cracked nipple is when the skin of the nipple has a split or break because of dryness or rash. It can be prevented by rubbing the nipples with a mixture of pure lemon juice and olive oil through out the pregnancy. You can also prepare a mixture of olive oil and lanolin for cracked nipples. Lanolin rubbed into the nipples soothes and soften but make sure that they are not allergic to you. In case of cracks on the nipple, there is no need to take the baby off the breast.

Fissures in nipples are when a crack or groove appears in the areola at the base of the nipple. It is generally at the base of the nipple, whereas a crack appears on the nipple. A fissure is very painful and may even bleed. It can become infected if the baby has thrush in the mouth. In case a mother suffers from fissure she must keep her baby off the breasts till the fissure heals.

The treatment for a fissure is the same as for a sore or cracked nipple. Since the fissure may be considerably more painful a nipple shield may have to be used when breastfeeding a baby. Make sure that the nipple shield is clean and hygienic. The resumption of breastfeeding should be slow, that is, start with two feeds on the first day, gradually increasing it to three and then to four and later to normal feeding. In case, only one nipple is affected you should continue to feed on the other breast.

If the problem is serious, consult the doctor who may suggest application of antiseptic cream or exposure to a sun lump. Exposure of nipples to air sometime every day would help in the healing process. Hope this article will help you in natural breast care.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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